Communicating with Family and Friends Made Even Easier and Fun with PLDT heyÜ App!

Disclaimer: Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and wordings are my own.

I’m actually feeling nostalgic right now. Seeing all those posts about the impending release of iPhone 6 makes me feel so old! Technology is unfolding too quickly in front of me. I still remember borrowing my dad’s Nokia 1610 so I could have a “company” on my first day in college. Everyone else had a 5110 but I didn’t care if my cellphone looked like a cordless phone and that the entire SIM card could actually fit inside! All I cared about was how easily I could call anyone directly from anywhere and texting was free (Yes, FREE, y’all youngsters!) No need to talk to an operator to send someone your message. I still hate the idea of using pagers. But then, of course, not everyone could easily be reached because cellphones and pagers were not that cheap. But now, the only ones who do not have a cellphone or a tablet are probably newborns or the family pet. Even 1-year olds now have their own iPads to keep them busy!

With the abundance of mobile technology and various communication apps, connecting with others, especially with your family, is now very convenient. Thanks to PLDT’s heyÜ App, the Filipino family’s virtual landline and all-in-one communication app!PLDT heyUWith PLDT’S heyÜ App, saying hello to my friends and family is now clearer, louder and in fun new ways. Simply download heyÜ App from Google Play Store, register and start enjoying unlimited voice calls to and from other heyÜ subscribers, as well as to all PLDT landlines nationwide! If you want more than just voice calls and instant messaging, you can also take advantage of free and totally unlimited video calling. And because heyÜ uses the wide network of PLDT, you can be ensured that the quality is clear and connections are consistent. Now, my mom, sister and brother in Baguio can clearly see and talk to my kids. And again, it free and unlimited!PLDT heyU Voice calls PLDT heyU Video callsI’m sure Bryce will enjoy heyÜ’s fun and interactive instant messaging. He can add quirky ad cute stickers to his messages as well as send photos of his latest loom band creations to his grandmas.PLDT heyU StickersPLDT heyU Instant messagingGetting started with heyÜ is quick and easy. Simply download the app and tap the “REGISTER” button.You will be prompted to input your account details, including your PLDT Account Number.

Upon completing the form and account verification, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your login credentials. Launch the heyÜ app and enter the username and password e-mailed to you to get started.

Log on to for more information.

promoAlso, get a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 and other prizes when you join heyÜ’s Prize Grab Promo by simply registering. Hmm, I’ve been wanting to upgrade my phone for quite some time now and I hope I win this one! Haha!

Keeping Your Baby’s Skin Healthy is Easy as 1-2-3!

cover-templateDisclaimer: Although this post is sponsored, all opinions and wordings are my own.

Having a daughter made me more concerned about keeping her skin soft and healthy. I, myself, spend considerable effort to maintain healthy skin so I want to do even more for my daughter, Kenya. Our first born is a boy and after we got past his ultra-sensitive skin phase, skin care is now below the priority list. He’s a boy anyway! He’ll get scratches and wounds from playing along the way. But, with Kenya, I wish I could preserve her oh-so-supple skin forever.

I’m so glad Johnson’s Baby paid me a visit last August 26 to share some very helpful skin care rituals perfect for my 10-month old. And I’m now sharing it with you…

BATHING: Soak and Sealsoak-sealDid you know that baby’s skin is not as perfect as we think it is? Their skin is 40% thinner and more prone to dryness so it gets irritated easily. In order to keep it well moisturized it is important to use gentle cleanser like Johnson’s Top to Toe Wash during bathing and seal the moisture immediately with baby lotion. I’ve always thought that lotions are not necessary since their skin is already soft. But now I am aware that regularly moisturizing baby’s skin during the first few months of infancy is essential for strengthening their skin. Kenya and I are going to moisturize together from now on and I hope that will be one of our mom-daughter bonding time.

For more info, you can watch the video below:

TOUCH THERAPY: Baby Massage!

My son, Bryce, loved this when he was still a baby and until now and so does Kenya. Baby massage is not only beneficial for the baby but also for the mom since it reduces stress. Of course, who wouldn’t feel relieved of stress if there’s a cute almost naked baby cooing as you caress her? Such a mother’s joy! :)

Ate Merna taught me how to massage the baby properly. My fave (and Kenya’s too) technique is the ILU (I love you). Watch the video to learn the benefits and correct way of giving your baby a massage. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt them. It’s actually calming and soothing.

PLAYTIME: Kilitian Time

There’s nothing better than hearing your baby’s musical laughter. Luckily, I managed to record several of Kenya’s laughs and giggles. When I’m feeling stressed, I would play them over and over. So another favorite thing to do is kilitian time! Her most ticklish parts are her neck and armpit. Some parents love smelling their babies “maasim” underams and neck but I love keeping them fresh and mabango! Hehe! That’s why I put powder on Kenya after bathing to protect her from bacteria and wetness from sweat.

She sweats easily and I hate it when her singits are malagkit. To keep her dry, Johnson’s recommends Complete Care Baby Powder. It has 3-way protection formula that works to absorb and repel wetness, reduce skin friction and soothe skin irritation. Smells divine too, perfect for Kenya!Aside from those skin care info, I also learned about the different regimens like Swaddle Bathing, Diaper Care, and Cord Care. I didn’t know that for newborns with their umbilical cord still attached, you need to fold the top part of the diaper outward to let the cord heal naturally. We didn’t do that; good thing the belly button turned out fine. Haha! Now, I can share that knowledge with new moms ☺midwifeMommy friends, let’s keep our baby’s skin healthy with our lambing and Johnson’s Baby. It is mom’s perfect partner for baby’s healthy skin development because it is the only brand with scientifically proven Safety, Mildness, and Efficacy that is recommended by the World Infant Care Authority (WICA). j&jTo know more about the rituals for healthy baby skin, Johnson’s Baby Microsite.Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 4.35.54 PMThe rituals were developed in partnership with Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines (IMAP) and Association of Women’s Health Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN).

Homeschoolers Do Get To Attend A Traditional Class Too!

We received a message from TMA last August that all preschoolers will have a Playroom on Thursday, August 28 in CCF Building near Tiendesitas. We were all quite excited about this because Bryce will have a chance to interact with other K2 homeschoolers even for just a day.

IMG_4851As usual, we were about half an hour late and I wasn’t worried about missing a lot of things because I thought a Playroom was like a 2-hour party for kids (like a Jollibee party, hehe) where they can play with each other. So when we entered the room, I was surprised to find a nursery classroom setup with a huge mat at the center and the tables and chairs arranged around it. They were in the middle of playing “I Spy” where the kids had to look for the item the teacher was describing. Bryce was in his typical observer mode and Kenya was hysterical with the sight of kids. If she could join the kids in the mat, she definitely would. Hehe!IMG_4853That days topic was about responsibility and the game “I Spy” was a fun way to teach the students on how to be responsible by making making their own bed, taking care of clothes and not playing when it is study time.IMG_4869Of course, like a typical class, they have recess and arts and crafts time! They were each given placemats and paper plates, spoon and fork so they can learn how to properly set a table.IMG_4888IMG_4900Bryce is not exactly the “bibo” type. He’s very reserved and he doesn’t like singing along with his classmates. We didn’t think he was enjoying the whole time we were there, but when we got home, he knew all the songs and would play “I Spy” with Kenya. When asked if he would like to attend another Playroom again, he said yes, even though he said he didn’t want to anymore right after the session was finished.

IMG_4901 IMG_4905I’m glad TMA organizes such activities. It gives preschoolers a chance to experience traditional classroom setup. It also made us realize that homeschooling Bryce really is the right decision. Typical classroom would be too boring for him. Hehe!

I wonder what the activity will be this September.

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