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Design Thought: Incorporating Bamboo Sticks in Your Interior

Bamboo is beautiful and versatile. But since I live in the Philippines, the abundance of bamboo makes it look like the cheaper option when used in interiors. It is often associated with bahay kubo, our native hut, which you can usually see in rural areas and never in classy metros.

We have quite a lot of bamboo sticks in various sizes because my mom-in-law decided to trim off all the bamboos in the front yard. So I’m thinking of ways to use them in our house. Here are a few ideas on how to use bamboo without making it look cheap and without over doing it.


As a closet door or room divider. The woods used here are actually birch but they kinda look like bamboo in this picture. The trick to not going bamboo overload, making your home look like a local resort, is to choose your furniture wisely. Although the table and benches were hard wood, the high back chairs in chic color, modern bubble chandelier and bright graphic artwork give the room a nice elegant contrast. I always love the mixture of rustic and modern pieces.


Alternative roofing for patios/deck. If our house were minimalist in design with clean lines and smooth walls, I would have layered our polycarbonate roofing with bamboo sticks.

As a wall art. This bamboo looks really nice against the teal wall.


Bamboo doesn’t always have to go on your walls bare. I love these painted metallic bamboo art. Gives me another DIY idea! Hehe!


As a room divider or accent piece. I just absolutely fell in love with this idea. It’s a subtle way to use bamboo as room divider, and paired with white pebbles, it’s just perfect.

bamboo-decorAnd last but not the least, as a vase filler. If you have a modern living room with designer pieces, using bamboo for your over-sized vases is a way to finish the design with very minimal extra cost. But if you have a bamboo sofa set or bamboo bed, then I guess you should forget adding extra bamboos as decor.

By the way, these are just my opinions.Feel free to add yours. :) For more bamboo ideas, you can check out my idea book in Houzz.

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