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Toilet Gawker: Hong Kong

If you have seen my first toilet gawker post, then you already know that I have this weird obsession with beautiful public restrooms. I don’t know about you, but even though we only spend time in the bathroom out of necessity, I still think it should look as good and creative as the rest of the building or establishment. So I really appreciate it whenever I see creatively executed toilets.

And here are a couple of public toilets I liked during our recent trip to Hong Kong.

Below is a sculptural wall art in a hallway next to Home Center’s second floor public toilet. When will we ever see something like this in SM malls? Not in this lifetime, I guess.


The folks who designed this must have been young or at least young at heart to include “fun” on the bare tiled walls. Loving those playful decals! And look, a separate nursery where the whole family, even the dad, can go into.toilet1a


My Family Comfort Food: Creamy Carbonara

carbonaraIt’s Sunday again and I have all the excuses to have a totally laid-back day and I honestly am not in the mood to cook anything. And when days like these hit me, pasta will always be our meal, no questions asked. Fortunately, my family never complains. Bryce, my three-year old kid, can finish his plate without us quarreling, whenever we have pasta. And the hubby, well, he eats anything.


I’m sharing one of my favorite pasta recipes that is quick and easy to prepare so we can all have extra time to spend with our families… and to sleep in. šŸ™‚ I found this recipe fromĀ Nestle Cream’s facebook page, but I tweaked it a bit by adding onion, chopped ham, one beaten egg, using one pack of Nestle Cream instead of two and omitting grated Cheddar cheese. This is my feeble attempt to reduce the calories. Hehe!step1

Chopping bacon into tiny bits is a lot easier when the bacon is still frozen so forego thawing (also applicable to ham). Whenever I cook, I always try to use the least cooking oil as possible so IĀ fried the bacon on a non-stick pan without oil. It’s only a matter of seconds before your bits are swimming in its own fat. While frying the bacon, cook the pasta.Ā Once the bits are crisp, set them aside and scoop out the oil in the pan leaving just about a teaspoon or two.

This is why it’s called quick. Pasta cooking time is usually just 8 minutes plus boiling time, about 3 minutes. So the whole 10-11 minutesĀ is allotted for the preparation of the sauce. I think I mastered it quite well. I can cook this meal in under 30 minutes including chopping the ingredients.

Saute garlic and onion until fragrant and onion is translucent then add diced cooked ham. After about a minute, pour a pack of Nestle cream. I added 1/4 cup of water as I don’t want my carbonara to turn out too dry. If you’re freezing or refrigerating the left-over, having a milky consistency is a good idea because the pasta will get drier after reheating.

Season the mixture with half chicken bouillon cube , pepper, parmesan cheese and freshly chopped parsley. Bring it to a boil then turn off the heat immediately. By this time, your pasta should be done. Quickly drain it and add it onto the sauce.step4

While pasta and sauce are still hot, pour in the beaten egg and toss everything together. Add more parsley of you like. For some reason, I don’t like cooking carbonara without the egg. It just doesn’t feel right. Haha!carbonara-nestleFinally, garnish with bacon bits, pasley and parmesan cheese. Serve immediately with garlic bread or toast while still hot.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but the photos and thoughts are originally mine.

Interior Design Enthusiasts, Here’s Your Chance To Learn From the Experts

Finally, SoFA Design Institute is holding a series of workshops for Interior and Fashion Design enthusiasts. Like I said before, I may be a Fine Arts graduate but Interior Design is not my major so basically, this is still outside my comfort zone and I admit that I need help in executing my ideas. Sometimes, just browsing through thousands of interior photos isn’t enough.


So if you want to enhance your creative design skills, enroll in any of SoFA’s workshops this coming February! You may call them at 478-4622 loc 115 or send an email at shortcourses@sofadesigninstitute.edu.ph. For more updated information, please visit SoFA Facebook Page.

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