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Toilet Gawker: Hong Kong

If you have seen my first toilet gawker post, then you already know that I have this weird obsession with beautiful public restrooms. I don’t know about you, but even though we only spend time in the bathroom out of necessity, I still think it should look as good and creative as the rest of the building or establishment. So I really appreciate it whenever I see creatively executed toilets.

And here are a couple of public toilets I liked during our recent trip to Hong Kong.

Below is a sculptural wall art in a hallway next to Home Center’s second floor public toilet. When will we ever see something like this in SM malls? Not in this lifetime, I guess.


The folks who designed this must have been young or at least young at heart to include “fun” on the bare tiled walls. Loving those playful decals! And look, a separate nursery where the whole family, even the dad, can go into.toilet1a


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