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38-40 Weeks: The Seemingly Endless Final Stretch…………….

38 weeks and 5 days and having the worst time of my life… As much as I would like to keep myself busy with home and other personal projects to somehow speed up time, I just feel lazy and unmotivated. I just don’t want to be pregnant anymore.


During my weekly check up on Monday, I was still 2cm dilated (same as last week) so my OB-Gyne advised me to do more walking and squats. So on Tuesday, hubby and I were off to UP Diliman before 6am. The last time I wore my running shoes was 4 or 5 months ago, I think, when I could still run on my treadmill. Wearing my old Asics never felt better. I missed the cushion and the foot support that I don’t get with slip on sandals and flip flops (the only thing I can wear since I hit the third trimester.) With that heavenly feel on my feet, I really thought I could circle the oval twice.


The first kilometer was great until my pubic bone started hurting again on the next kilometer. By the time I was back to where I started, my hips felt like it was being torn apart and I know it would become worse when I get home. My bladder felt like it was about to burst anytime and since Tuesday was a holiday, the building bathrooms were closed, I had to wait until we get home to relive myself. As expected, I was in agony the whole day and night. Even warm compress and hubby’s massage couldn’t make the pain in my back and groin bearable. I dreaded going to the bathroom because walking is such a hell. I’d give anything for a pain reliever…

I miss being mobile without feeling any pain. I miss being quick and productive. I miss walking around the mall aimlessly without feeling like my back was about to break. I miss sleeping on my back and most of all, I miss working out without risking anyone’s life.


One day, when Bryce was wearing his Finding Nemo shirt…
Me: Bryce, ikaw daw daw si Marlin, ako si Dory. (Bryce, you’re Marlin and I’m Dory.)
Bryce: Hindi, si Nemo ako kasi daddy si Marlin. Hindi ka si Dory kasi mataba ka, si Dory flat. Ikaw yung pufferfish! (No, I’m Nemo because Marlin’s a dad. And you’re not Dory because you’re fat. You are the pufferfish!)
And he is right. This is exactly how I feel right now….

Kenya, hurry up! Please come out now.,,

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    September 29, 2014 at 3:55 am (3 years ago)

    Hi Michelle,
    I have to confess that I clicked onto your blog hoping to see some 38-40 weeks pregnant belly pics,but there were NONE to be found!I bet you had a really BEAUTIFUL baby belly and I wish you had shared some pics with all of us!!!


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