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Sneak Peek #1: Bryce’s Bedroom

Just for fun, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek to one of our bedrooms (there’s only 2 anyway) with no styling involved, no editing, just plain normal day.

We had our second floor renovated last November 2011 and I really regret not taking photos. I didn’t know I would be blogging about our house that time.

To give you an idea on how bad this room looks like before, take a look at our living area again. This room had the same small screened window, smaller to be exact. The built-in cabinet was on the left side and there was a huge horizontal window on the right wall with fixed glass! Reminded me of hospitals. And there was this annoying, rotting, old house stench that wouldn’t go away no matter how many times we clean and disinfect this room. For more than a year, we didn’t use this room except during summer when my little sis stays here for a vacation.

See how messy this room gets when Bryce is playing. Good thing he can clean it up himself.

What was involved during renovation?

  • Replacement of ceiling for both bedrooms. The ceiling of this bedroom was decaying so badly, live maggots were falling on the bed one time. I swear this is true! There were probably dead rats up there. Imagine what the poor carpenters who worked on our house had to go through…
  • The wall dividing our rooms had to be demolished too. The built-in cabinets were on that wall and I wanted them transferred on the wall next to the door.
  • Floors were sanded and painted.
  • The pathetic small windows were removed and bigger windows were installed.
  • New outlets were installed. There was only one outlet per room before.
  • Of course, the walls were painted.

Why the color scheme?

This is a boy’s room but I want to stay away from the primary colors (red, blue, yellow). I don’t want it to look like a pre-school classroom. I know I want the color scheme to be complimentary, blue and orange but which shade of blue and orange to be exact. Like I said, no primary colors so blue-green and orange (tertiary and secondary colors). It took me quite some time to find the exact shade of blue green though, flipping endlessly through Wilcon’s paint catalogue. Boysen Virtuoso has the widest range of colors. Good thing, my husband was working on some Chic-Boy branches during that time and this Virtuoso was the paint he used. If it weren’t for Chic-Boy I don’t think he would recommend this brand, given the price and how cheap budget-conscious he is. Luck me! Okay, I don’t know if you understood a thing that I said but now you know how I think. Hehe!

Wall Paint Color: Apatite (Boysen Virtuoso); Cabinet and Bed Paint: Mixed the orange myself.

I am not being paid by Boysen but I just love Virtuoso. It’s a bit pricey though (P1,700-2,000/gallon) but it’s totally worth it. The finish is satin, so it’s not flat (which is elagant but easily gets dirty and super hard to clean) or glossy (cheap-looking but easy to clean). It’s just perfect, matte yet easy to clean, just wipe the dirt off with damp cloth. And the color is just vibrant! Love!

I still don’t consider this room done. If you notice, there are no detail shot, because there’s really none. Well, there will be soon.

10 Things I Learned About Wallpaper: Kids Bedroom Update

I wish I could blog full-time. I really hate it when a week went by without any post. When you have a baby in the house, 24 hours seem like just 12. Kenya just turned one today and honestly, for the past 12 months, our house is in chaos. Although I did care about it, I just didn’t bother re-organizing it because I just didn’t have any energy left for the house when most of my focus was on Kenya. Now that she’s becoming a little bit independent, I’m also gaining my freedom back! Yey, more time for DIY projects!

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m redecorating the kids bedroom and here is what I have done for the past week. Bryce had been sleeping on the floor for weeks so I really had to finish this room.


If you saw my moodboard for this room, you know now that I would be attempting to install wallpaper by myself with a little help from the hubby, of course. I already psyched myself that it wouldn’t be an easy task but it turned out to be quite doable for a first-timer like me considering all the challenges we encountered. Since this is a DIY project, I used this brick wallpaper from Heim (Wilcon Depot) which, I think, was really affordable for P660/roll. IMG_62591. The wallpaper paste is usually in powder form and has to sit for at least 25 minutes before it is ready for use. So I suggest, dissolve the paste first and then measure and cut your wallpaper while waiting for the paste to be ready.

And don’t start at 8 in the evening and expect to finish before 10, especially if you have kids to put in bed. Yep, I thought, since there’s the two of us working, it could be done in an hour! Me and my excellent scheduling!

2. Using a level ruler, draw a straight vertical line from ceiling to floor somewhere in the middle of the wall. Do NOT start from the edge because not all edges are perfectly straight. This straight line will be your guide when hanging the wallpaper. (I nailed this one! Haha!)application33.We started on the left side, cutting the part where the window is, then worked progressively on top and bottom of the window. When we got on the last strip (no.7) we realized that no matter what we do, the pattern at the bottom of the window wouldn’t match unless we’re really, really, really, REALLY lucky.

The lesson: If you’re using patterned wallpaper on a wall with a window, cut your strips as if there was no window. Install the whole strip but do not put paste on the area where the window is. Once installed, cut a hole in the window area using an X-acto knife, leaving 2-3 inches allowance around the edges.

4. And because I didn’t include the window area in my measurement, I got short of wallpaper (see photo above.) The following day, I went to Wilcon Quirino to buy another roll and surprise, that model was out of stock and the nearest branch that had one was in Ali Mall, Cubao. Of course, I had to rush there so we could finish installing the wallpaper before the paste hardens.

The lesson: Save yourself from unnecessary trips to the store. Always measure the entire wall and never exclude the windows. It is better to have an extra roll especially if the pattern is quite complicated. Twice, we had to cut off almost a foot long before we could find the correct pattern that would match the previous strip. Having a lot of excess wallpaper is way better because you can use the extra for other DIY projects.

5. Before diving into this project, I watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to hang wallpaper. Those two involve soaking the entire roll in water but the instruction from Heim said just to wet the back of the wallpaper with water using a clean brush before applying the paste. I didn’t know why it had to be done but when I hung the second strip, I’m really grateful that the paper was wet enough so it can easily be moved to close the seams and match the pattern.


6. When smoothing out the wallpaper (I used a piece of foam board), do not apply too much pressure. Hubby did one strip and it started having air bubbles after a few minutes. Apparently, he pressed too hard that almost all of the paste were pushed out during the process.

7. I didn’t adhere the edges around the inside of the window, thinking I would just trim it when the paste has settled (after 4 days). But after a couple of days, I didn’t think it would hold up considering the two little dwellers in that room. So I applied water and paste again and adhered it inside.

The lesson: Do not wait for days to do this so you wouldn’t have to accidentally peel off the already installed paper.

8. When trimming the excess paper off the edges, use super sharp blade. The wallpaper is still soft from water and it might be torn if the blade is dull. Good thing I have lots of spare X-acto blades. 🙂

9. Make sure that there are no wrinkles on the wallpaper when adhered on the wall. There was one on my last strip and I thought it would work if I press hard enough. The following day, the area had air bubbles. I had to make several slits to smoothen it out again.

The lesson: The wall should be completely smooth for the wallpaper to adhere properly. Any bumps or unevenness on the wall would create air bubbles and you wouldn’t want that.

10. Slight gaps between sheets are inevitable so I painted them with my left-over brown paint. It is not exactly the same color as my wallpaper but it would do. I also painted the inside on the windows where the edges of the wallpaper didn’t quite “make it.”

So there’s my first try on hanging a wallpaper. Maybe next time, I’ll try doing a bigger wall or an entire room. Haha! For now, I’m thinking of what I would do with my left-over wallpaper and paste.

Here’s how the room currently looks like (Sorry for the bad quality of the photo.) No curtains, proper beddings and chair for Bryce yet. I hope I can finish decorating it next week since this week would be very, very busy.


Colorful, Loft Inspired Shared Kids’ Bedroom

Weeks ago, I mentioned that I am redecorating Bryce’s bedroom to make room for Kenya and so I sold all of the furniture in that room. Below is my drawing of that room’s “evolution.”

When we had the second floor renovated four years ago, I had a cabinet built on the left side of the entrance. I wish I hadn’t done this because I could think of a much better furniture layout should that cabinet have not been there. Well, I wasn’t expecting another baby then, so now, I just have to work with what I have.

furniture plan-old

I had the bed and the dresser custom-made (see this post for detailed pics and description). Bryce’s bedroom also served as a guest room whenever my folks from Baguio City visit us. All of Bryce’s clothes were in the dresser so the built-in cabinet pretty held nothing at that time except for our suitcases and old clothes. (See Bryce’s ‘before’ room here.)

When Kenya came along, I transferred Bryce’s clothes into the built-in cabinet so Kenya could use the dresser. The dresser was then moved just outside of our bedrooms, beside the bathroom, because that’s the only available space. Then last year, I turned the single mattress from the pull-out into a daybed for our living room. And since the pull-out is pretty much useless now, I decided to move the bed against the wall to make more space. The drawers under the bed were still very useful in holding Bryce’s toys and beddings.

furniture plan-new

I wasn’t able to sell the trundle bed because we couldn’t get it down to the ground floor. It was built in the bedroom and I didn’t know that it wouldn’t fit our stair landing. Too bad, I already had an interested buyer for the bed. Our good friend, Ryan is an excellent carpenter and he was able to modify the bed into my required size.

From 48″ width, Bryce’s bed is now just 36″, just appropriate for his size since he won’t be sharing it with anyone anymore. Kenya will occupy the pullout, probably early next year. And because Bryce is home schooled, he now needs a proper study desk. He’s sharing my office and I want my corner to be exclusively mine! Wahaha! I don’t like seeing Kumon assignments and colored pencils on my desk anymore!

Colorful, Loft Inspired Kids Bedroom

When we discovered we were pregnant, I was kinda hoping for another boy although I really wanted a girl. We don’t have an extra room anymore and decorating a shared bedroom would be a challenge if ever we had a girl. If we had a boy, I would probably still change the bed size, get a bigger study desk but retain the wall color. Much cheaper! But again, this is another excuse for me to redecorate so I’m not complaining!

I love Land of Nod’s furniture so I have to take some inspiration from them. I always wanted to try having a brick wall in the house and I guess this is my chance. The walls will be neutral so I can play around with colorful decors and accessories. Of course, I don’t want it to look too boyish, girly or childish but rather fun, laid-back and comfy.

I have already finished priming the walls. I hope I can finish this room by the end of the week so our house can finally have some order. When you’re a breastfeeding mom, it’s impossible to continuously work for four hours!

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