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A Simple Wedding Gift Idea

A couple of weeks ago, we attended a friend’s wedding in Calaruega, Nasugbu, Batangas. Since the couple won’t be settling down here, they wished for something “light” or something that would help them start on their journey as husband and wife. Gone are the days when wedding gifts are usually basic appliances like oven toaster, electric fan, iron, kettle etc. (unless they signed up for a gift registry). Instead it is now more sensible and practical to give gift certificates or even cash to the newly weds. Who wants to receive five different kinds of iron or a set of china that won’t match your planned dining/kitchen theme?

We wanted to give something that they can save for a special day or event, something consumable because no gift would last forever anyway. So we thought of vintage wine. They can even open it on their honeymoon night… That will definitely “help” them start on their journey, right?

The wine is not yet that vintage  since it’s just six years old, but they can choose to store until their 5th anniversary (making it an 11-year old wine). That can also inspire them to start a wine collection if they are into wine. By the way, they served red wine during the reception and it was good. Thanks, Mark and Madel. I even drank Faye’s share. Hehehe!

But how do you wrap a bottle? Since I hate seeing good wrappers turned into waste, I decided to buy a native box from Crossings Department Store. They can use the box for their other knick knacks so nothing goes to waste.

I made a cushion out of kraft paper then covered it with white tissue. The box was tied with gold ribbon and raffia that I bought from National Bookstore. No gift-wrapping and ribbon-tying skill required! Nothing goes to waste since you can reuse everything especially the box itself.

Here’s the sunset while waiting for the bride and groom. I wish this was the view from our bedroom window. How lovely it would be to have orange light flooding the room everyday…

Of course, we just had to stop by Bag of Beans for a cup of coffee before heading home. Actually, my sole reason was their pan de coco. I am a sucker for pan de coco and they have the best one ever. Unfortunately, at 9pm, it was long gone. Imagine my disappointment!

I so love their laid back interior, so simple and relaxing. I can’t wait to go back to Tagaytay.

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