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A wish for a decent zoo

We just had a 4-day weekend although for us who work at home, it wasn’t that different from our regular work days. I work as a freelance graphic artist and my husband is in construction. So unless we really have a tough deadline to beat, we can pretty much juggle our things to do (and want to do) since we’re in total control of our time.

So, wanting to feel like normal employees who are so psyched about long weekends, we decided to take Bryce on a field trip in the zoo. This was a long overdue trip because I bought an Ensogo voucher for Kinder Zoo two months ago and were supposed to go as soon as possible. But it was repeatedly postponed due to several storms and a monsoon rain that hit us. It was good enough that we went on Tuesday because when I printed out our voucher, I just saw that it was the last day of redemption.

The sleeping pot-bellied pig got Bryce’s curiosity.

I honestly didn’t want to go to Manila Zoo because of the pitying condition of the animals. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take a picture of the ostrich that is almost bald. Yes, balding like a plucked chicken! The zoo holds just a handful of animals including an extremely old elephant, 2 or 3 zebras (2 look like a brown horse with fading stenciled stripes), 3 crocodiles, turtles, few species of snakes, lizards and birds. No more giraffe, apes, gorillas, lions… Bryce was actually looking forward to seeing a lion (Alex the lion as he calls it, and Melman the Giraffe). “Gloria” (hippopotamus) was there but was relaxing underwater so he didn’t see it too. Well, what can we expect from a P40 ($1) entrance fee.

Look, Mommy, can we bring him home as my pet? He doesn’t bite, see?

Inside the zoo is the Kinder Zoo which was probably where the budget goes. Regular entrance fee was P200 with a choice of 2 activities (horseback riding, wall climbing, zipline, swimming for kids, animal-feeding [fish/ different bird species/ turtle],butterfly garden [catch, wish and release activities]). But I got the voucher for P359 for 4 of us including 8 activities. Good enough for me.

In Kinder Zoo, you can touch the animals and take photos with them. I know Bryce is aware that those animals are alive but we didn’t see any hesitation whenever he holds one while I can take a picture. I am not exactly an animal lover so I was very contented being the official photographer.

This is the only family picture we have out of 350+ shots.

I’ve been to Calgary and Singapore Zoo and our zoo isn’t even a quarter of theirs. Manila zoo is probably just the entrance of their zoo and the animals in here were probably suffering from muscular dystrophy due to lack of area to run around. I mean, in zoos abroad, you need to stay at least half a day to see all the animals and really appreciate them. In here, you can be done in less than an hour. This is a government-run zoo and I wish they would just close it down or privatize it for the love of those animals! The animals need to feel as if they were still in their natural habitat, not a cage smaller than a typical house.

My little zoologist.

And I know Bryce would enjoy the zoo even more if he could see the mammals running around their perimeter area, peacocks strolling freely around the zoo, monkeys comfortably jumping from one tree to another. I love zoos (even though I’m not exactly an animal lover, I know, I’m saying it again) and I want to spend a family day in there, picnicking and riding trolleys.

I feel like I was Ace Ventura in here (When Nature Calls)…

Oh well, at least, I have some pretty decent pictures of animals, mostly birds. Haha! And Bryce really did enjoy his day out in the zoo.

Mini zip line and wall climbing. Bryce’s favorite, but it was already 2:00pm and energy was running low.

We have another long weekend this week but I’ll be working on some projects. Have fun everyone!

If you want to visit Manila and Kinder Zoo, here’s the address:

Manila Zoo Compound M. Adriatico St., Malate, Manila (walking distance or short pedicab ride from Quirino LRT Station and/or Vito Cruz LRT Station)

Phone no.: 522 6179 or 579 9557

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    October 25, 2012 at 3:21 pm (5 years ago)

    you should try Avilon Zoo in Montalban. they have a wider variety of animals and the space is bigger than most zoos in the Philippines. still, the animals are not as well taken care of, in my opinion.


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