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Make On The Road Fry-Munching More Fun For the Family With the McDonald’s Fry Holder

coverWhen on the road and especially if you want to lighten the mood when stuck in heavy Metro Manila traffic, everyone has had the urge to head to the nearest McDonald’s Drive-Thru for their favorite treats. And what’s best to enjoy munching in your car? McDonald’s Fries, of course!

drivingNow, McDonald’s has come up with a new, fun and unique way to enjoy the World Famous Fries on the road—the McDonald’s Fry Holder. No more accidentally spilling your Fries or, in my case, pouring the contents in the paper bag, mixing them with the napkins and ketchup sachets. Yes, that’s how I usually eat my Fries. Hehe!

fry-holderThe Fry Holder can perfectly fit a Medium or Large Fries and has an adjustable base, depending on the size of your car’s cup holder, so it won’t wobble and of course, won’t cause your Fries to end up on the floor. Such a totally cool way to share Fries in the car!

add45This promo is valid from August 11, 2014 to August 23, 2014 per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 0385 Series of 2014.

Going YESSS, YAMAN With My 4 Pre-Loved Items!

pre-loved4I can’t believe how time flies so quickly! I was content with Bryce’s bedroom, but after three years, I just have to make some changes. With the addition of our daughter, Kenya, who is now almost 10 month old, and Bryce starting on homeschooling, that bedroom needs to be redecorated. And in order to do that, I have to sell most of the items in the bedroom. (By the way, I’m joining a Nuffnang contest so pardon the post title. Hehe!)

1. Trundle bed (48″x75″) with drawers (P5,000.00-mattress included, if you want)bryce-bed3bryce-bed4I designed this bed for Bryce when we decided to let Bryce sleep in a separate bedroom. We have existing double  (48″x75″) and single (36″) mattresses so I had to base the design on them. The remaining space under the bed was utilized as storage for Bryce’s toys. Bryce’s room also serves as a guest room whenever my folks stay over so the extra mattress was really useful until I turned the single mattress into our sofa.

I’m planning to have a single bed for Bryce and a toddler bed for Kenya. Yes, they will be sharing a room since we don’t have an extra room in the house. But someday, Kenya will have her own. So this too-huge-bed-for-a-kid now has to go…

2. Ikea Malm 6-Drawer Dresser Replica (P5,000.00)

ikea-malmI love IKEA but since we don’t have it here in the Philippines, I had this dresser done by a carpenter. This is our first “bespoke” furniture and has served our family well especially before we had our second floor renovated when the built-in cabinets smelled like a century old chest. Bryce used it for more than 3 years and then Kenya had it. Now, they will both be sharing the built-in cabinet so I had to let this one go to. I wouldn’t if only we have space for it…

make-overI love this so much that I still want it to have a make over. Maybe make it classy for the master bedroom by painting gold lines on it or just add simple leather pulls.

ombreIt can stay in the kids bedroom still by painting the drawers in different colors or how about ombre? If you’re interested in being the new owner and would like to have it re-done, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to customize it for you. :)

3. Kids Table and Chair (P200)kids-tableThis had been Bryce’s study table which I painted with chalkboard paint so he didn’t have to draw on the walls. I need to have this replaced by a proper desk since he’s a big boy now!

4. Floor Lamp (P400)

lampLike I’ve said, most of the items in the bedroom have to go. I’m totally changing the look of this bedroom since they will be sharing this room soon.

Please help me get rid of these four pre-loved items so I can start on my new decorating project! :) See my ad here in OLX.PH.

Free Printable


I was bored, yea… I just wanted to vent out my boredom by shading letters. This is something that I did for like an hour just to kill time. I would have planned this project better, like go through the proper step-by-step creative process, but I didn’t have the time. So forgive me if my letters suck! The original artwork was dirty due to ink smudge. My palms are constantly sweaty but it is essential for me. I know I’m weird but I cannot work with dry hands. :) idrink-frameHere’s the digitized version and I’m not sure if you’d like it, but here it is anyway.:)

Click the images below to download the 8″x10″ printable.

drink2-chalkboard drink2-olive drink2-red drink2-teal

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