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My Finished DIY Sofa

I know it took me so long to post the final reveal of my DIY sofa, my most ambitious project so far. Though it might not look perfect at all, at least I learned a lot of things and I know, the next time I do this, it will look a whole lot better. I just need to learn how to sew properly or hire someone really good at it.

By the way, please look at the process here first if you haven’t already before viewing the images.


Above is the design inspiration and below is the actual one I have finished. If you saw the process, my version also has another arm, but since this is my first ever attempt to make a sofa, I made a lot of measurement mistakes. That includes the other arm. It may have fitted if it were not for the base of the lamp. But if ever this sofa gets transferred to another place (like my house, haha! kidding!), I’d definitely put the arm back.IMG_7850

I am so not happy with how the covers ended up looking. They are removable so they can be washed anytime but they have to taut enough. See how the lines are not straight?IMG_7859 copy

Like I’ve said in my previous post, this unit is in dire need of storage space so even the sofa has to do have a share of this job. The ottoman is huge enough to store large items such as books, magazines, toys. I installed wheels so it can easily be moved around. It can even be used as extra seating for the dining table. See, every item has to have multiple purposes. Heehee!IMG_7862

And here’s another storage, maybe for curtains, extra pillows, tea towels, etc.

IMG_7875 copy

And of course, the ottoman serves as the coffee table too. Sorry, can’t help posting this picture with with Bryce. He just wanted to be in the pictures. :)

I was supposed to do a price breakdown for this but unfortunately, I’m such a bad DIY-er. I lost some of the receipts and I didn’t write down everything I used for the completion of this sofa. Next time, next time… :(

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