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Free Printable


I was bored, yea… I just wanted to vent out my boredom by shading letters. This is something that I did for like an hour just to kill time. I would have planned this project better, like go through the proper step-by-step creative process, but I didn’t have the time. So forgive me if my letters suck! The original artwork was dirty due to ink smudge. My palms are constantly sweaty but it is essential for me. I know I’m weird but I cannot work with dry hands. 🙂idrink-frameHere’s the digitized version and I’m not sure if you’d like it, but here it is anyway.:)

Click the images below to download the 8″x10″ printable.

drink2-chalkboard drink2-olive drink2-red drink2-teal

Sunday Inspiration

Interior decorating and DIY crafts are my newly found passion, but sometimes (ok, often) I get discouraged because the result is not what I was expecting. Most of my time is often spent on surfing the net for interior ideas, trying to educate myself and then ending up not accomplishing anything. I am itching to apply the things that I learned but it’s a lot harder than I thought.

So to all my fellow design and craft enthusiasts who are having the same troubles, let us not give up. Time and patience will help us through. 🙂


Download this free printable here. (Size 11″ x 14″)

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