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Imitation is STILL the sincerest form of flattery

We’re all too familiar with this quotation, but I admit, I need to be reminded of this every so often. How do you feel when someone copies something you did or you’re doing? It may seem infuriating at first especially when you’re not given any credits. But remember, you’re doing something worth the attention. So just give yourself a tap on the shoulder and a venti mocha frappucino for a job well done!

Free printables! Size: 15 in x 17 in

Violet   Turquoise Pink   Orange

Free Carrot Cake Recipe Poster

If you love a certain recipe, why not frame it and make it into a kitchen artwork? If you’re like me who can’t memorize a recipe, this would be a great help. This can also be a simple yet thoughtful gift to someone who loves baking as well.

By the way, I got this from and tried this several times already. I swear, this is the best carrot cake ever, even better than store bought ones. Feel free to add your own version of cream cheese frosting or you can get it here.

Artwork Size: 11″x14″ (can be framed using 16″x20″ with matting)

Download Poster Here

*Oh,  and since many of you downloaded my recipe art, I’m working on some more. Email me your tried and tested favorite recipes so I can make an artwork out of them. More for you to download! Yey! If you got the recipe online or from a book, please include the reference details too. We need to give proper credits to people 🙂

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