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Day 2 Mess Status

What a rainy Tuesday! I was planning to check out a couple of thrift/surplus stores I know to look for old stuff that would benefit from my ‘LOVE’. But I don’t want to get my feet wet so I’d better just share the status of my challenge. (I’m so excited and I can’t contain it!)

The workplace area is where I’m focusing on first so I can go back to working on a desk.


30-Day Design Challenge Overview

If  you could remember my first post about finally having the ideal color scheme for the house, well, I’m glad to announce that it’s a work in progress. The 30-day challenge includes:

1. Making the first floor (Living room/work area, dining room, kitchen and the unknown area next to the dining room) bright, clean-looking and organized.

2. Budget: P15,000 (or less, maybe 10?)

Basically, I want the house to have this kind of feel, light and airy like a beach cottage.  (more…)

Choosing a Color Scheme

Since we moved in to this house two and half years ago, I had endlessly contemplated on what color scheme to use. I initially wanted something bold and daring so we bought a couple of red sofa beds (with the thought that we’re going to move in to a much smaller space within the next 2 years).

Most of my design references came from Ikea since I’m a sucker for Scandinavian design. I love the simplicity of the furniture, the clean silhouettes, yet still making bold statement with proper accessories. I envisioned the house to look something like the image below but I  failed to consider that we need a huge amount of time AND resources to make such kind of furniture work with the house.

Why? I won’t post any pictures of the house yet but just to give you an idea… The house is a million miles away from being modern and clean looking. I don’t think there is a single straight line in this house. (You’ll see as I start to post home improvement projects.) As I said earlier, the time and resources are limited. It even includes moving out of the house for major renovation (which I never want to do again unless it’s the beach we’re talking about.) So right now, I’m kinda regret buying those sofa beds. They look out-of-place in this house.

What I need to do now is find a way to work with the house and not against it. Buying a new sofa is out of the question and certainly is demolishing the living room wall to create a bigger window. After much thoughts, research and reflection (about what my personality really is), I finally came up with this color palette. Turquoise, lemon yellow and taupe.

I’m so excited to start, I can barely organize my thoughts. Stay tune though!

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