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How to upgrade the look of your furniture

I’ve been really busy for the last 5 days with this project me and my friends, Angel and Ate Daisy were working on, which is basically a stage re-design. We’re on a tight budget and the project involves new chairs, tables and accessories. I’m not here to talk about the project but rather share an idea on how to maximize your hard-earned money.


Goodbye Boring Computer Chair!

Updating a computer chair is one of the easiest furniture make over to do. All you need are the following:

– A yard of cool fabric (or bigger if your chair is bigger, of course)

*I guess any fabric would do. It shouldn’t necessarily be an upholstering one. I used cotton fabric here, the one I got from Market!Market!

– Spray paint of choice (make sure it can be applied on plastic directly  because other spray paint requires primer first)

– Screw driver (for disassembling the chair and taking out the staples)

– Staple gun

That’s it! No sewing required.

This isn’t exactly step by step but I guess you can easily figure this out yourself. First, disassemble the chair. The black rubber thing around the seat and back rest needs to be removed too.I don’t have a picture but it can be opened and you’ll see that it is just attached with a hundred staples. Just be patient with it.

Next, spray paint the “skeleton”. No need to remove the wheels unless you’re that OC. *Heehee*. You may want to do this step first so when you’re done upholstering the seats, the paint has dried and ready for re-assembling.

Then, there’s a black fabric covering the back of the back rest. You can remove that if you want to put it back. Otherwise, don’t bother. You can always cover it with another fabric just like what I did. (I covered it with the same fabric because I don’t have a plain colored one that would match my printed fabric. It turned out well, right?) Cut the fabric by following the shape of the seat and staple away! It’s as easy as covering a book. The edges can get tricky though.

For the seat, I didn’t bother covering it anymore since the chair is low enough for anyone to see it anyway. (I checked, by the way, just in case someone fall on his face and accidentally caught a glimpse of the underside.)

If you could see the last picture, that’s the back of the seats. The staples can still be seen but I don’t want to put back the ugly rubber thingies. The seat is fine though, but the back rest looks unfinished. I would have to find a way to cover it. Will post when I have the answer. 🙂

Here’s the computer chair again, looking like a fashionista!


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