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My Finished DIY Sofa

I know it took me so long to post the final reveal of my DIY sofa, my most ambitious project so far. Though it might not look perfect at all, at least I learned a lot of things and I know, the next time I do this, it will look a whole lot better. I just need to learn how to sew properly or hire someone really good at it.

By the way, please look at the process here first if you haven’t already before viewing the images.


Above is the design inspiration and below is the actual one I have finished. If you saw the process, my version also has another arm, but since this is my first ever attempt to make a sofa, I made a lot of measurement mistakes. That includes the other arm. It may have fitted if it were not for the base of the lamp. But if ever this sofa gets transferred to another place (like my house, haha! kidding!), I’d definitely put the arm back.IMG_7850

I am so not happy with how the covers ended up looking. They are removable so they can be washed anytime but they have to taut enough. See how the lines are not straight?IMG_7859 copy

Like I’ve said in my previous post, this unit is in dire need of storage space so even the sofa has to do have a share of this job. The ottoman is huge enough to store large items such as books, magazines, toys. I installed wheels so it can easily be moved around. It can even be used as extra seating for the dining table. See, every item has to have multiple purposes. Heehee!IMG_7862

And here’s another storage, maybe for curtains, extra pillows, tea towels, etc.

IMG_7875 copy

And of course, the ottoman serves as the coffee table too. Sorry, can’t help posting this picture with with Bryce. He just wanted to be in the pictures. 🙂

I was supposed to do a price breakdown for this but unfortunately, I’m such a bad DIY-er. I lost some of the receipts and I didn’t write down everything I used for the completion of this sofa. Next time, next time… 🙁

How To Decoupage A Table


One of my things to do for 2013 is to make our center table more appealing. If you read my post, that is how plain our living room looked like for the longest time and with the white walls and white-covered sofa, I meant to add pops of color here and there.IMG_7229

I really like the colors in Pat Bravo’s Calla Lilly fabric design so I framed it with the 2 framed I bought several months ago. I just painted them white since they are originally black. I plan to add 4 more frames to balance things out.IMG_7294

If you noticed, the alcoves are gone now. Since rust is constantly staining the walls no matter how many times you paint over it, it’s just better to have it covered. There will be six square mirrors to be placed on ether side and that will be my faux windows! Hopefully it would open up the room and add more light to it. I can’t wait to have the mirrors installed. The supplier is taking forever to contact!

And yeah, I moved the sofas. The living area is too large and the sofas are way out of proportion. I may have to get rid of the sofas soon because there’s no way this area would look better with these furniture. If you’re wondering why we have a couple of sofa beds, it’s because when we bought them, we thought we were staying in this house for a few months only, then we’ll transfer to a much smaller house… but it never happened…


Anyway, that table was done by our carpenter. The piece of plyboard was supposedly a cover for the window in our dining area but I had shelves built instead. So not to waste the already painted plyboard, I asked him to weld the tubular bars (1 bar for P130. We used 2) just like this West Elm table. The table top is screwed to the base so it can be changed anytime. I love flexible furniture! 🙂


Ok, sorry, I’m talking too much. I forgot that this is a tutorial on how to decoupage a table but it really is pretty simple. Apply an even layer of Elmer’s glue (or any white glue or Mod Podge if you have more budget) on the surface you want to decoupage. Make sure sure it’s even and cleaned. I didn’t add water to my glue because I want my fabric to adhere immediately. If you’re decoupaging a large piece of furniture (like a dining table), it would be nice to ask a friend’s help when applying the glue. Otherwise, the first area you applied glue on would be dry by the time you finish the entire area. Why not glue it area by area? Well, I just find it easier that way. 🙂 I didn’t have any problem with bubbles maybe because my fabric isn’t too thin. I’m not sure…

Apply about 2 coats of glue on top of the fabric, giving extra attention to the edges. This time, I added water to the glue (50% water, 50% glue) because the fabric will absorb most of the glue and undiluted glue would be so hard to apply.


And once the glue has dried up, it’s time to polyurethane it! When I was researching what polyurethane to use, most of the bloggers recommend water-based one as decoupage sealer. I checked Boysen’s website and they have one (Hudson Timbercoat) but I went to Ace Hardware in SM Annex and unfortunately they have none. I asked the guys there if the oil-based one would work on decoupaged fabric. Apparently, they had no idea what decoupage is and told me the oil-based one would leave my fabric sticky. I was in doubt but I bought it anyway. I had to find out myself…IMG_7319Drying time is way, way longer for oil-based ones. Direction says apply coating after 2-3 hours but I waited longer, like 12 hours, just to make sure it’s completely dry. Ok, not exactly true, I was just being lazy. Anyway, it took about 4 days to finish this with 6 coats of polyurethane. Don’t forget to sand in between coats though (I used 600 grit sandpaper) or your table would be really rough. (By the way, I painted the table base black to make it look like the real thing. haha!)

My yellow fabric turned a little bit darker when polyurethane was applied because I didn’t use clear one. I will try to find better polyurethane because decoupaging furniture is so much fun!

That piece of wood is actually narra from our Laguna Trip which I got for free. I applied polyurethane too and now it makes such a great vase tray. The two glass thingies were  from Uniwide Warehouse which I got for P35/each.


I love how this table looks with our red sofa bed. I wish we had a smaller room where I can place them. I may not get rid of the sofa afterall but if ever someone wants to buy it, I’ll throw in the table for free just because I really think they look great together. Any buyers? 🙂

By the way, you might ask, why bother decoupaging when I’m using plain fabric anyway. I can paint it instead. Well, The table looks plain enough and even though it’s plain yellow, you can see the fabric texture which makes the table quite unique. Besides, I wanted that exact shade of yellow if only it didn’t turn darker. But I love the darker yellow still. 🙂

Sneak Peek: DIY Sofa with Storage

Decorating my sis-in-law’s condo means lots of possible DIY for me and the first one I thought of is the sofa. How ambitious am I! I’ve only upholstered three chairs and now I’m tackling an entire sofa. I don’t know where I get my guts but I always think that most stuff are doable with proper planning.

I love Ikea products and since most of the Scandinavian designs have clean lines, I thought it would be quite easy to replicate. So, I went to Ikea’s site and copied the sofa specifications. Oops, I only made it as my reference for the seat height and depth. The rest, I adjusted according to the condo’s space. I also added a couple of drawers for extra storage.

Here’s the plan I did in Google Sketch Up as a guide for the carpenter. I’m still trying to learn the software so please pardon the rough sketch.

The sofa is made up of six pieces: the seat, the backrest, two arm rests and two drawers. They will be upholstered individually and will be screwed together in the condo unit.

I bought the foam at Uratex Warehouse in Miller St. since they can cut it according to your required size. I attached them to the frame using rugby/contact cement.

And since I haven’t learned how to sew yet, Ate Jean helped me with the covers.

I covered everything with gina silk first to secure and protect the foam.

I was getting giddy with excitement at this point. I had to add a couple of layers of quilt batting on the seat to make it cushier. The foam I bought from Uratex was 4″ Permahard which should be good for long term use (it has 7 years warranty). But since it is still new, it really is hard.

This is how the back rest looks like.

And the back of the back rest. 🙂

Almost done although I hadn’t stapled the final fabric cover yet. I still had to do the drawers and the storage ottoman.

Right now, the sofa is already in the unit. Can’t wait to show the final piece! I love it even though I did have a lot of mistakes on the measurement. What makes me specially happy about this project is that the set (3-seater sofa with ottoman storage) costs less than P10,000. I’ll post the details on the reveal. 🙂

Update: You can check the finished sofa here.

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