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How To Paint Wooden Pallets


After we had our kitchen repainted, I needed an art-like installation that could also function as pot holder. There is a blank wall on the side of the sink that would be perfect spot for this. Since I painted our kitchen a neutral color from too bright apple green, I needed a fresh pop of color.

I asked our carpenter to build me something similar to a typical pallet using 3pcs. 2″x4″ KD wood and 4 pcs. 1/2″x4″ reclaimed palochina wood.  And here’s how I painted it using my craft acrylic paint and leftover latex paint used in our living room and kitchen.steps

This was quite experimental actually so I really couldn’t give an exact tutorial. But this is how I basically did it:

1. I diluted the blue paint from our living room with water to use as “wash” and I did not like the effect. Haha!

2. To remedy it, I mixed it with my blue craft acrylic and applied it to the still wet pallet. Added a bit of green and yellow here and there. I waited for a while for the paint and wood to dry (since I was using much water), then sanded the wood to blend the colors.

3. Not quite there  yet so I added a bit more brown, more yellow, sanded it off. It was too bright for me so to tone down the colors, I added the same white paint I used for the kitchen wall and sanded it endlessly.

I got more pallet projects to paint. I just hope to find time to do it. 🙂

Let Your Kid Make His Own Toy

coverBryce is now four and half years old and we know that children that age are easily influenced by what they see around them. For the past week, he had been asking me if I could buy him clay (which he saw from his cousins and now he wants his own). I don’t like buying stuff that I know I can easily make. I bought him a couple of jars of Play Doh before but a week later, it was nowhere to be found, probably ended up in trash. What a waste of money!

So, I told him we will just make one and he can make it himself too. My reasons for doing this aside from me being cheap:

  1. I want him to be aware that not everything can be bought (I know it’s being cheap… No, being practical!).
  2. I want him to learn how simple toys, such as play dough, are made.
  3. It is one way to keep him off the computer.
  4. Fun play involves experimenting and discovery, thus promoting creativity. Computer games don’t have these benefits.
  5. Since Kenya’s exclusively breastfed, I get to spend less time with Bryce. So this is our chance to bond.


There are many methods for DIY play dough, but this one a no-cook version so Bryce can actually do it with minimal help from me. The dough will only last for 3-4 days though which is alright since I know Bryce will get tired of it after a day. processIt’s that easy! Mix the flour and salt first then add 1/2 cup of water, adding a bit more if necessary. Keep kneading until there are no more powdery lumps. I added half a teaspoon of vegetable oil, by the way, to make kneading a bit easier. Divide they clay into 4 or 5 equal pieces and put a drop or two of food coloring, adding more to make the colors brighter.


I used McCormick but our clay didn’t turn out as bright as I wanted it to be. We’ll try the other method next time. So far, Bryce is happy with his home-made clay. I think Kenya knew that we were doing some fun stuff because she kept screaming as if calling me to get her so she can join. Wish granted, although she didn’t look too happy in this picture. I guess she wanted to knead the clay herself. Few more months, Kenya. Few more months…. 🙂bryce-diy clay

Yey, Bryce! The messier, the better. Just keep those clay bits off the rug and sofa. 🙂


How To Make Your Own Microwavable Heating Pad


Whenever I’m in need of a foot massage, I often go to TonTon Massage. Aside from their cheap but quality service, I love the heating pad they put around my shoulders during the duration of the massage. And since almost every part of my body hurt during the last trimester of my pregnancy (upper back, lower back, hips, calves, feet, ankles), I wished I could go to TonTon every day or better yet, had an in-house masseuse who could massage me every night just so I could get a good night sleep. Wait, I did have a personal masseuse, my husband! 🙂 If it weren’t for his patience, I wouldn’t have slept through the night because of all the pains.

I used to apply hot compress on my lower back to ease the pain using the little thing you can buy from Mercury Drug, the one you can put hot/cold water. But it’s too small and uncomfortable. I’ve been looking for something like the heating pad from TonTon but I guess I didn’t look hard enough that’s why I didn’t find one (hehe). Until I came across a DIY heating pad in Pinterest. It was super easy and so I did one right away.


I found two pieces of microfiber towelette (I find it better than any cotton fabric because it feels soft on the skin) from Bryce’s closet which I think is just the perfect size (19″x8.5″.) Since there’s already a bias sewn around the edges, I simply sewed it together (you can either hand stitch it or use your sewing machine) leaving about 3 inches gap so I can pour uncooked rice  (use the cheapest one like NFA rice) in it. I think I used about a kilo. After pouring in the rice, I sewed the gap closed and I was done! I microwaved it on high for 3 minutes at first but since my pad is bigger than the usual ones, it didn’t get warm enough so I heated it again for another 2 minutes. The warmth was perfect and it last for almost 45 minutes.

diy-heating pad

I didn’t sew any dividing lines like the blog said because I want my pad to be totally flexible so the heat can be distributed well depending on the area. This is my favorite project so far and it really made me happy and it cost me practically nothing to make. 🙂

By the way, you can add a few drops of essential oil, like lavender, in the pad before sewing it closed, if you wish. Enjoy!

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