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Before and After: Trolley Table Mini Makeover

Since Kenya will be sleeping in our bedroom during her first year and her actual dresser is outside the bedroom, I needed a trolley table for her random stuff like cottons, diapers, medicine, clothes for the day, etc. I wanted to have one custom-made but hubby said there’s no more time so better to just buy one instead.

I found one  that would do in SM Department store for P1,990. Too expensive for me but we got P400 gift voucher from BDO credit card’s current promo and 700 points (P700 equivalent cash value) in hubby’s BDO Emerald card so we generally just paid P900 for it. As usual, I hate the black laminate. It was the same finish as the shoe rack that I painted white and turquoise.

I needed to make it look just right for Kenya and black simply won’t do. I would have painted it if only I still had the energy to do some sanding and patience to paint in thin layers. But my back is already killing me and doing simple things are now really hard so I needed a quickie solution. The solution: FABRIC TAPE!

Cart-make over

Fabric tapes are just like washi tapes except well, you guessed it, they are made of fabric instead of paper. I simply covered the wood with striped fabric tape and accented it with coral fabric tape as well. A task as simple as that would normally be done in 30 minutes or so, but it took me 3 hours to finish including three short breaks, not to mention super achy lower back after. Oh, third trimester, how I hate you…Cart-make over2

For protective sealer, I applied 3 layers of Mod Podge gloss. If you’re wondering where I bought my Mod Podge, it’s from Deovir SM   North branch. I bought my Mod Podge about a year ago but I was reserving it for a special project because it’s just so expensive (P180 for 4oz). I used Elmer’s glue diluted in water instead for decoupage projects and for sealing purposes. But this one is for Kenya so it just have to be special. Hehe!

Easy DIY Pillow Cases From Kitchen Towels

pillow case

I’m 38 weeks tomorrow, 2cm dilated and getting more and more impatient especially now that I have finished adding a touch of feminine hues in our bedroom. I just cannot wait to deliver this baby. If only my back weren’t killing me, I would be walking all day long.

Anyway, after days of stalling, I finally finished Kenya’s pillow cases. (I’m not sure if I mentioned it yet but the baby’s name is Bree Kenya.)  I didn’t want to buy ready-made covers from department stores because I hate how everything is pink with cartoon characters on them. I want something that looks like designer linens but of course, I can’t afford it.

pillow covers

I remembered that I had this gray and white polka dot kitchen towels (P99.75/pair) that I found in Landmark a year ago. The fabric reminds me of Serena’s (Gossip Girl) headboard and I knew I had to make them into throw pillow covers. I’m glad I didn’t because it’s perfect for Kenya’s pillows. I love how it goes so well with coral fabric.

I’m a total novice when it comes to sewing so please bear with my messy stitches. Below is how I did it. I kept the length of the fabric as is since the size of the kitchen towel was just right for the little bolster pillow. I also kept the existing seams because I’m lazy and all! Also, if you noticed, I stitched the fabric ribbon from the outside because I didn’t watch this video so I didn’t know how to turn a narrow fabric tube inside out.

For the head pillow, I used less than half a yard of 100% cotton fabric (P200/yard) that I bought from Cloth Craft, my fave store in Market!Market! It’s a simple envelop pillow case since I don’t want to risk poking Kenya’s head with a zipper lock or button. You can check out The Happy Housie for a tutorial on how to sew an envelop pillow case. I curved the edges of mine to follow the pillow’s contours.


And here’s Kenya’s set of pillows again! Sophisticated yet cute and girly, just the way I like it! Hehe!pillow case2

The Start of My Sewing Journey: DIY Sewing Kit

cover photo

I’m now on my 36th week. I’ll be full-term by next week and I am so relieved that I finished all my projects (work-related ones) before September officially ends. So now I can devote 100% of my time to my last minute DIY projects. It’s quite frustrating, though, because simple tasks that should only take minutes to finish, are now too hard for me. I’m heavy, I’m huge, every movement is a struggle. Not to mention a few minutes of work yields several hours of intense lower back pain. I just cann0t wait for the baby to come out!

sewing machine

Anyway,  a couple of months ago, I finally decided to buy my own sewing machine. I contemplated on buying second-hand one from the port or a brand new one from the mall. I initially borrowed my mother-in-law’s pier-bought portable sewing machine to sew pillows, pillow cases and curtains for the living room and I did not enjoy sewing at all! I wanted to give up because the machine was giving me such a hard time. I have zero background in sewing and I swore, sewing by hand would make my life a whole lot easier.

After 3 days of frustrated sewing, I went to Automatic Center in Trinoma to purchase my very own sewing machine, Brother BM- 2600. The first time I used it, I knew I would be hooked to sewing. So far, I have finished sewing 4 curtain panels, 15 pillow cases and made 10 throw pillows. Too basic, I know. I have yet to learn how to install a zipper and explore all those other 23 stitches (So far, I’ve only used running and zigzag stitch.) So now, I can cross out number 1 and 2 on my  checklist: buy a sewing machine so I can sew cute (still working on that) pillow cases and curtains.

And now that I have my sewing machine, I need to have proper storage for my threads and other sewing notions. I love the idea of putting those stuff in a jar so I can easily find what I’m looking for. Plus those colorful threads are good enough to display. However, I need a pin cushion. I used to place them on top of my table and a lot end up on the floor and I worry that Bryce might accidentally step on them. I wanted a mason jar sewing kit just like the one from Anthropologie.


I’ve also seen a lot of tutorials on how to make your own out of mason a jar. But mason jars are rare here in Philippines (True Value sells mason jars in packs of 12) and that means, expensive. The tutorials I often find in the net involve removable lid center (typical feature of mason jars) but what if you only have a cute, vintage looking jar or even a plain-looking canning jar in hand? Well, here’s how I did mine.procedure

First, trace the out the lid on a piece of cardboard then cut a square (or if you want, circle. I’m just too lazy) piece of fabric big enough to cover the cardboard circle. Remember, you will still put fiber fill/stuffing inside so mind your allowance. TIP: You can get your fiber fill from old pillows. If you have none, I guess cotton would do. Then simply secure the fabric on the cardboard using masking tape. See, I’m not lazy. After this, I know you can figure out how to make it taut using your hot glue.procedure2Once you’re happy with it and it now looks like a mushroom head, glue it on top of the lid. The edge doesn’t look nice and clean I wrapped mine with raffia to hide the glue that oozed out of the edges. So here is the before and after.

diy-sewing kit

So easy and cute!

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