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Easy DIY Pillow Cases From Kitchen Towels

pillow case

I’m 38 weeks tomorrow, 2cm dilated and getting more and more impatient especially now that I have finished adding a touch of feminine hues in our bedroom. I just cannot wait to deliver this baby. If only my back weren’t killing me, I would be walking all day long.

Anyway, after days of stalling, I finally finished Kenya’s pillow cases. (I’m not sure if I mentioned it yet but the baby’s name is Bree Kenya.)  I didn’t want to buy ready-made covers from department stores because I hate how everything is pink with cartoon characters on them. I want something that looks like designer linens but of course, I can’t afford it.

pillow covers

I remembered that I had this gray and white polka dot kitchen towels (P99.75/pair) that I found in Landmark a year ago. The fabric reminds me of Serena’s (Gossip Girl) headboard and I knew I had to make them into throw pillow covers. I’m glad I didn’t because it’s perfect for Kenya’s pillows. I love how it goes so well with coral fabric.

I’m a total novice when it comes to sewing so please bear with my messy stitches. Below is how I did it. I kept the length of the fabric as is since the size of the kitchen towel was just right for the little bolster pillow. I also kept the existing seams because I’m lazy and all! Also, if you noticed, I stitched the fabric ribbon from the outside because I didn’t watch this video so I didn’t know how to turn a narrow fabric tube inside out.

For the head pillow, I used less than half a yard of 100% cotton fabric (P200/yard) that I bought from Cloth Craft, my fave store in Market!Market! It’s a simple envelop pillow case since I don’t want to risk poking Kenya’s head with a zipper lock or button. You can check out The Happy Housie for a tutorial on how to sew an envelop pillow case. I curved the edges of mine to follow the pillow’s contours.


And here’s Kenya’s set of pillows again! Sophisticated yet cute and girly, just the way I like it! Hehe!pillow case2

Another DIY Cellphone Case

I made my own cellphone case months ago. Back then, I wanted something “ruggedly beautiful” but this time, I wanted something a bit more colorful.  I bought a yard and a half of yellow and blue felt from Carolina’s last week for P180/yard. I was going to use it for an accent pillow but I couldn’t wait to try it on something smaller first. I had lost my cellphone case anyway.

So here goes the tutorial now…

First, cut your felt according to your phone’s size. I did this by placing my phone on top of the folded felt, cutting around it leaving at least half an inch allowance. I folded it from the bottom so the two sides had to be stitched (blanket-stitch).

After sewing the case, cut six (6) pieces of strips about an inch in height then make the fringes like the above photo.

Arrange your fringes first before gluing them, marking their position on the case. I used Bostik Sew No More on the first bottom two fringes but unfortunately I ran out of it so I had to sew the rest. If you don’t have fabric glue available, you can sew the fringes too using just a running stitch but you have to do it before you sew the sides.

And here is the finish product! My final stitches are crooked. Haha! You can do this with throw pillows too using color combination of your choice. Isn’t it quick and easy? It’s also a perfect hand-made gift.

I like it rugged!

Gone are the days when dirty Adidas Superstar, Vans and Chucks rule my wardrobe. Back in college, my idea of humiliating is being caught with a brand new pair of rubber shoes, soles gleaming white without a hint of mud. I was never really that kind of girl who is comfortable with being “polished.” One reason is that I could never, ever maintain a white item clean. Make me wear a white shirt for a day and there would some sort of stain even before lunch comes. So, I always say to myself, I like it ruggedly beautiful.

And since, I need a new cellphone case (my old one is super dirty, I can’t let strangers see it) and I have a few scrap fabric lying around, I decided to make one “ruggedly beautiful” cellphone case. I swear this is so simple you can do this without a sewing machine.

Read on for tutorial…

What you need

  • Canvas (I have a lot of left over from the painting I did last month)
  • Needle and Thread
  • Sharpie


Cut your fabric according to your phone’s size and sew the edges. I don’t have a sewing machine so I did one of the stitches I learned way back in primary school, back stitch! I used black thread for contrast, but you can always use whatever color you like.

Next, turn the fabric inside out and make a tiny fold on the seam.

Make another larger fold. Make sure there’s enough fabric left to keep your phone from peaking.

Here’s where your elementary stitching knowledge comes in use again. Start doing small diagonal stitches to secure the fold onto the canvas.

Once you have finished, start again on the opposite side to create small crosses. Don’t worry about making it too perfect. We’re doing ruggedly beautiful, remember?

And now for the fun part, take out your Sharpie and start doodling to your heart’s content!

When this gets dirty, this can easily be tossed in the washer along with the other laundry. Simple and easy, right?

PS. If you have zero knowledge on basic stitchings, this site would be a great help.