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10 Repurposing Ideas for Common Household Items

If you have too many unused and unwanted stuff in your home, please read this before you throw anything away. They can have other use aside from what they are originally purposed for.

1. Old magazine Racks can help you organize those pot covers that usually take too much space in your kitchen shelf.

2. Spoon, fork and knife can be turned into hooks and ever drawer handles. So get your hammers and pliers out and start bending and twisting!
3. Empty lotion/body wash bottles can be turned into cellphone holders when charging. How ingenious! Visit Make It and Love It for instructions on how to make this cute holders.
4. Wire baskets can be turned into gorgeous pendant lamps. See how Ashley Ann did hers.
5. If one of your wooden hangers got broken, don’t throw them yet. They make a lovely double hook for your bedroom.
6. Vintage ladles with intricate details do make one of a kind wall art. Just group them together and add accessories like this.
7. Colanders, the one used for draining pastas (I have to explain because I didn’t know that those drainers are called colanders until now. hehe) can be painted in pastel color and turned into hanging plant pot. This would look cute hanging on either side of our main door.
8. I once bought a cool apple green kettle but since I was using gas stove, the surface got covered with burnt stains. I stopped using it because it looked ugly and dirty. I should have painted it and done this instead. It will still look cute in my kitchen.
9. Metal cooling racks can be placed inside your shoe rack to keep the mud and dirt from sticking to the surface. I need to this on my painted shoe rack. I don’t want to mess up the pretty turquoise paint inside.
10. We probably all have a stock of canned tuna in our homes. Collect the empty cans to help you organize your drawers. These small containers can house small items like paperclips, thumbtacks, pins, etc for your home office or even jewelries and other knick knacks for your bedroom. Spray paint them for fun effect!

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