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Patterned Wall Inspiration

Two of our walls right now are being fixed due to the paint damage caused by the flood and I want one of the walls to be my favorite wall (a.k.a. accent wall). So I’m searching the net for ideas which I can easily execute. Yes, me! I will work on that wall myself. Here are some of designs that I love aside from wide stripes and chevron stripes:

Shoshana used gigantic pizza boxes to create the circles. Clever isn’t it? I can totally do this.
Stamping is easy too. I actually have an idea on how to execute this using styrofoam for the textured effect. Although I don’t think leaves would work with my wall. But I’m loving the stamp idea.
Very striking graphic pattern indeed. I want something bold and this I could do with just a painter’s tape in hand.
Love, love, love! This might be the one. Graphic, hand painted and bold! Yellow is also perfect considering my color palette for the house.
Ok, don’t be confused. Do not look at he wall above the bed, look at the rug. I initially wanted stripes for the wall but this rug gives it a twist.
I think those are my final choices. I’ll post the finished wall as soon as I’m done with it.

Beach-Themed Living Room

Since, it’s still raining and flood is all over Metro Manila, it’s just better to get an inspiration out of it rather than sulk on it. I won’t be able to anything about the rain anyway and there’s no way I could keep my walls and floors clean after the flood messed our home. So I’m viewing this calamity as an opportunity to start all over again. (I know, I said this last June and I’m saying it again for a different reason.)

I still want a beach-themed house like before. (It seems ironically appropriate though with the flood outside/inside our house, haha!) So here are some images from for ideas.

Looking forward to cleaning up the mess, NOT!

Before and After Inspirations

I have been recently fascinated and in love with furniture makeovers. I initially loathe anything old, rusty, dusty, dirty and I absolutely have zero appreciation for vintage stuff especially furniture.

I actually didn’t understand why my uncle wanted my late grandaunt’s antique furniture when I was younger. He was even willing to pay thousands for those  dark, lonely-looking, bulky chairs, bed and dressers. Now that I want them since I got inspired to do makeovers myself, I realize that those antiques really have great value. I am checking everyday, praying for someone ignorant like me to post a vintage item for less than P2,000 for the sake of  just desperately wanting to get rid of the old stuff. Well, unlucky me, everyone seem to know their value. A single victorian chair costs P9,000 already! How come those American bloggers find vintage dressers and tables in garage sales for $30? They can even fish something out of a dumpster! Don’t the throwers know that hard wood’s value appreciates?

Anyway, these pictures are real inspirations. These are commonly found in local households so I hope you can get ideas here before you decide to throw out your old things. But if you still want them out, ehem, ehem, I’m here! 🙂

A worn headboard and footboard has other use aside for the bed.


Learn how to turn it into a charming love seat here


If your grandparents’ house still holds a depressing solihiya chair like this, grab one (or two) quickly, paint it with a bright, fun color and top it with a cheery, printed cushion.


See what Kelly from The Ridiculous Redhead had done with her old dresser. I just love the stenciled detail. So simple yet stunning!

I think I have something like this, same old yellowish white color dresser when I was a kid. i really wish we have kept our old furnitures…

Solihiya chairs are really a thing of the past. I don’t know about you, but this is one thing I can never appreciate. I don’t know why others even bother to restore them unless they want to create a nostalgic atmosphere in their homes. So here’s another great idea for such chairs without being stuck in your great/grandparents’ era.

Too bad, the link where this was originally posted isn’t working anymore. But great job though, Stephanie from The Handy Life.

When you hate varnished wood furniture like I do, all you have to do is simply grab a can of glossy white spray paint! (Varnished furniture just don’t suit my personality. It screams classic, outdated elegance for me. I guess I’m not really a vintage fan at all. But what I love about vintage is the intricate details that seem to say “made by a craftsman”, unlike today’s furniture that say “mass-produced by underpaid workers in China.” With a fresh coat of paint, there’s a compromise!)

Take it from Zandi of Radical Possibility. The nightstand was from a hotel surplus and I think we have the same taste. Heehee! If I ever found something like this, I would do the same except I’d paint the “dip” with a different color.

I hope this inspired you to salvage old furniture. Those old pieces that you so ignore have withstood time. They are not made of MDF (the compressed cork looking wood commonly used today that’s why you can buy a cabinet for P3000. They are always laminated with formica board to give a faux-wood look. And when another Ondoy hits the city, you can say goodbye to your piece) but rather hard wood that will definitely be there no matter how many floods came along. I wish, I have one though…

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