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Decorating Your Man’s Cave (Man Cave Make-Over)

I have been asked by Alex, a community manager for Man Crates to come up with a post highlighting some items one could gift to a guy who is looking to decorate his new man cave. By the way, Man Crates is a new US-based company that ships awesome gifts for men in custom wooden crates that he has to open with a crowbar! It ships internationally but, of course, it won’t be cheap. I wish they would open a store in the Philippines. I would totally repurpose those adorable crates!

Anyway, as we are all probably aware of, most guys aren’t into decorating. My husband, for example, would find a room sufficient as long as it has a sofa, a table and some mismatched chairs for his friends to sit on. He probably wouldn’t even bother painting the walls or buy proper lighting fixtures. You might even mistake it for a storage room!1412603431252If we ever had an extra room in the house, that is after I have my own craft room and home gym (hehe!), this is the way I would decorate a man cave. I’d really love to play around with texture in this room. I would love to make it look modern-rustic like an old-world tavern because it will make the men feel like they are in another place, sort of like an escape from home. Who wouldn’t want that? Haha!

The idea is to keep it as low maintenance as possible because I know most men would rather have that room exclusively theirs. No girls allowed, yea? So, design-wise, I think it is best to keep the furniture to a minimum, have a low maintenance rug and lots and lots of storage to hide those manly clutter!

Below are some of my man cave gift suggestions:

Man Cave Essentials

  1. Leather Sofa – Leather gets better with age and can withstand beverage spills and salsa splatters.
  2. Chest-Type Coffee Table – To keep furnishings to a minimum, they have to be of more than one function. This coffee table can store magazines, DVDs, books and random knick knacks.
  3. Hammered Mugs – How fun it would be to drink your beer the old-fashioned way? Hehe! Plus, since it’s not glass, no more risk of breaking it.
  4. Wooden Chip Bowl with Dip Holder – Guys may be careless (well, umm, most of them, I think) so, wood is much more durable the ceramic ones.
  5. Dart Board – Yes, I know. How stereotypical! But it has a cover so you wouldn’t have to know it’s a dart board especially if you DIY the front part into a wall art.
  6. A Huge Reclaimed Solid Wood Buffet – It might be pricey, but it sure will last for generations. This can be placed under the wall-mounted TV to store the video player, game consoles, etc.
  7. A Canvas/Leather Pouf – It provides extra seating and a place to put his feet up while watching the game. Again, it has to be dirt-resistant.

Throw in some black and white throws and a plain red colored one for some accent and a couple of low maintenance plant and the man cave now has some slick style!

Click here for more gift suggestions for your man.

Oh Such Happy Colors and My Recent Fab Finds

happy colors

Today is exactly my 37th week of pregnancy and that means I’m already full term. I really hope we can see our new bundle of joy next week.  So, exciting!

And since there’s a new girl joining the family soon, I really want to inject more bright colors into our home. And now having a balance in gender (2 boys and 2 girls) means I can add more pink, coral and orange. It’s taking me quite slow to achieve though because I don’t go out a lot and it’s hard to find fabrics with the colors and patterns that I want. That’s why I was so glad when I found these cute and really cheap throw pillow covers in Landmark Department Store more than a month ago.

Also, in the picture are three of my fab finds. I wanted to add greens in the house but I still don’t have the guts to go for live ones for fear I’m gonna kill it again (waste of money). Artificial ones from the malls cost P3,000-4,000+ each. Uh, no thanks! So when I went to Mandaue Foam (Quezon Avenue Branch) after our Tagaytay break to buy a rug, taking advantage of their annual sale, I found this artificial plant for P1,500 with 30% off. I bought it without second thoughts since I already scored the bamboo rug (160 cm x 220 cm) for P1,750.00. I originally had a budget of  P3,500 for a jute rug which I was waiting to be on sale in Landmark, but now I know better. I’m going to wait for Mandaue Foam’s sale so I can buy a rug for the dining room and Bryce’s room and more artificial plants for our house.


By the way,  the native pouf was from Silang, Cavite. If you are on your way to Tagaytay, you surely wouldn’t miss the stores on either side of the street that sells reclaimed woods and antique furniture. Keep on the watch for this store on the left side of the road (on your right if you’re on your way back to Manila). It is the only store (I found so far) that sells banig ottomans, basket and bags. I asked for the store’s name, but unfortunately, I forgot. It’s no use though even if I told you the name because it wasn’t displayed on the store anyway. Just keep your eyes open if you want to buy one. I bought the medium one for P700 (haggled from P750).

Anyway, here are some interior pics with such happy colors. I wish someday we would have a sun-filled house so I can have white walls and plenty of brightly colored furniture and accessories to go with it.

happ2Have a happy, colorful weekend!

Part 1- Short Tagaytay Break: Bag of Beans

Last Thursday, hubby and I spent the night in Tagaytay. I had already booked a hotel more than a month ago because I really wanted to spend an entire day in bed, doing absolutely nothing; taking a break from the busy, noisy city; and having a total rest day from all the house chores and motherly responsibilities. I didn’t even bring my laptop so I won’t be tempted to do any work.

I was on my 32nd week then and I know I wouldn’t be able to travel that far anymore. Actually, the trip was already tiring for me. My ankles were swollen and I couldn’t find a comfortable sitting position. To make matters even worse, the traffic was so bad considering we left Thursday around 10 a.m. (It usually takes us 1.5-2 hours to get to Tagaytay on a weekday but we got there at past 1 p.m) The weather was extremely hot too, you could hardly feel the car aircon and kept making my contact lenses dry. To cool ourselves off, we had to stop over at Chowking for halo-halo. 🙂bag of beans1

We had late lunch at Bag of Beans. We’ve been here several times already but only to have a cup of coffee or buy doezens of pan de coco. Did I tell you that they sell the best pan de coco ever? For P120.00 half a dozen, I can say that it’s totally worth it. Just a tip though: their pan de coco sells out quickly, you’re lucky if you can still buy some at lunch time. If you’re staying overnight, pass by the store on your first day to reserve so you can bring it home freshly baked the day after. But if you’re just there for a day tour, better call them a day before your planned trip. I’ll post the address and contact info after the post.

bag of beans6

I was craving for a caesar salad and hubby ordered lasagna. Both dishes are good for sharing so I think their price is pretty reasonable. You can check out their complete menu here. They have weekend buffets available but I’d rather bring friends and families with us who are willing to share their food because I’m not one of those who can get their money’s worth at buffets. bag of beans5

Here was our cozy little booth. Sorry, I wasn’t able to remove our bags anymore. Next time we visit Tagaytay, we’re taking the same booth. Bryce would have loved to lounge on that day bed and Kenya could sleep peacefully while we’re enjoying our meal.

Here are some of the views from around their garden dining area. They have a covered pavilion too where you can hold events. The bakery is upstairs but I was no longer able to take photos anymore because our food came quickly and I was already famished. Hehe!bag of beans2

Love the wicker bar chairs and simply centerpiece. Oh, and they have spa-like ambient music continuously playing while real birds are chirping non-stop. Such a relaxing atmosphere!bag of beans3And what is a trip without me doing some bathroom gawking. Love the seamless look of the sink and the shells underneath. If we had a powder room, this is how I want it to look.

Bag of Beans:

115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, 4120 Tagaytay City

Contact Number: (046) 413 2724



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