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Part 1- Short Tagaytay Break: Bag of Beans

Last Thursday, hubby and I spent the night in Tagaytay. I had already booked a hotel more than a month ago because I really wanted to spend an entire day in bed, doing absolutely nothing; taking a break from the busy, noisy city; and having a total rest day from all the house chores and motherly responsibilities. I didn’t even bring my laptop so I won’t be tempted to do any work.

I was on my 32nd week then and I know I wouldn’t be able to travel that far anymore. Actually, the trip was already tiring for me. My ankles were swollen and I couldn’t find a comfortable sitting position. To make matters even worse, the traffic was so bad considering we left Thursday around 10 a.m. (It usually takes us 1.5-2 hours to get to Tagaytay on a weekday but we got there at past 1 p.m) The weather was extremely hot too, you could hardly feel the car aircon and kept making my contact lenses dry. To cool ourselves off, we had to stop over at Chowking for halo-halo. 🙂bag of beans1

We had late lunch at Bag of Beans. We’ve been here several times already but only to have a cup of coffee or buy doezens of pan de coco. Did I tell you that they sell the best pan de coco ever? For P120.00 half a dozen, I can say that it’s totally worth it. Just a tip though: their pan de coco sells out quickly, you’re lucky if you can still buy some at lunch time. If you’re staying overnight, pass by the store on your first day to reserve so you can bring it home freshly baked the day after. But if you’re just there for a day tour, better call them a day before your planned trip. I’ll post the address and contact info after the post.

bag of beans6

I was craving for a caesar salad and hubby ordered lasagna. Both dishes are good for sharing so I think their price is pretty reasonable. You can check out their complete menu here. They have weekend buffets available but I’d rather bring friends and families with us who are willing to share their food because I’m not one of those who can get their money’s worth at buffets. bag of beans5

Here was our cozy little booth. Sorry, I wasn’t able to remove our bags anymore. Next time we visit Tagaytay, we’re taking the same booth. Bryce would have loved to lounge on that day bed and Kenya could sleep peacefully while we’re enjoying our meal.

Here are some of the views from around their garden dining area. They have a covered pavilion too where you can hold events. The bakery is upstairs but I was no longer able to take photos anymore because our food came quickly and I was already famished. Hehe!bag of beans2

Love the wicker bar chairs and simply centerpiece. Oh, and they have spa-like ambient music continuously playing while real birds are chirping non-stop. Such a relaxing atmosphere!bag of beans3And what is a trip without me doing some bathroom gawking. Love the seamless look of the sink and the shells underneath. If we had a powder room, this is how I want it to look.

Bag of Beans:

115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, 4120 Tagaytay City

Contact Number: (046) 413 2724



Toilet Gawker: Hong Kong

If you have seen my first toilet gawker post, then you already know that I have this weird obsession with beautiful public restrooms. I don’t know about you, but even though we only spend time in the bathroom out of necessity, I still think it should look as good and creative as the rest of the building or establishment. So I really appreciate it whenever I see creatively executed toilets.

And here are a couple of public toilets I liked during our recent trip to Hong Kong.

Below is a sculptural wall art in a hallway next to Home Center’s second floor public toilet. When will we ever see something like this in SM malls? Not in this lifetime, I guess.


The folks who designed this must have been young or at least young at heart to include “fun” on the bare tiled walls. Loving those playful decals! And look, a separate nursery where the whole family, even the dad, can go into.toilet1a


Toilet Gawker: Playa Laiya

The first time I went to Playa Laiya in San Juan, Batangas, I still haven’t started blogging and still haven’t discovered my unusual love for beautiful public toilets. But after doing our Kingdom Hall toilet, I became quite obsessed. On my second visit last Friday, I was happy to be at their toilet again and I appreciated it even more due to its clever green design.

I just love how natural light is utilized in this toilet. To let the light in and to save on electricity, frosted glass panels were installed and spaces were left between the walls, ceiling and even under the countertop.

This is the open space between the male and female toilet where light is gathered from. On the left is the male toilet where you can also see the frosted glass panels. I guess the inside looks just the same as ours.

I am so in love with the slanted sinks. Aside from keeping up with the clean line design of the toilet, it is also economical since you don’t have to buy lots of ceramic lavatory.

Of course, who doesn’t love those yarn balls?

For added ventilation, light and a touch of outdoors, part of the walls are kept open. Notice the cubicle doors decorated with mosaic made from bao ng niyog (coconut husk.) I wonder if the squares can be bought. I would love to have them on one of my walls as an artwork. I don’t think I have the patience to DIY it though.

Here’s the close-up shot.

Here’s the vanity area. The right side is where the toilets are and on the left are the shower stalls which I forgot to shoot. I will when we go back to Laiya.

Finally, the entrance.