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Recipe for the Lazy #1

There are days when I don’t feel like cooking at all but don’t want to order some take away. So I have at least 5 quick and easy menus that would save me and my family from starving. This recipe is one of them, my lazy version of chicken pastel, well sort of… It only has four ingredients, the usual staples in my pantry and fridge. Really, you should never live without this fab five: chicken breast fillet, cream of mushroom, frozen mixed veggies, potatoes and cheese.

The fab five: Chicken Breast Fillet, Potatoes, Cream of mushroom, Cheese and Frozen Mixed Veggies

Trust me this is so easy. It’ll take you 5 minutes to prepare.

Oh, by the way, before you start chopping, preheat your oven at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). I always preheat mine for 15minutes.

1. Cube the potato

Place your chicken fillet in an oven safe tray. You may brush your tray with melted butter. I chose not too because I’m too lazy and trying to look after my cholesterol level.

Spread the cubed potato, mixed veggies and just empty that can of cream of mushroom on top of the chicken. Sometimes, I do sprinkle about 3-4 tablespoons of melted butter before I place the veggies. That would make this dish yummier!

Lastly, add grated cheese. Regular cheddar would do, but quick-melt one would be much better. I only used half for this because cream of mushroom is salty enough for me.

Cover it with foil to keep the cheese from burning, pop it in the oven for 30 minutes and relax! See, you didn’t even break a sweat, did you?


After the flood…

We’re settled back in our house and cleaned up the mess “Habagat” left. We only had a day with sun after two-weeks of non-stop raining and now it’s raining again… Really, I have never loathe rain like this before. I’m getting tired of my treadmill and I swear, there is still a lingering flood stench in our house and we’ve already disinfected the floors and walls 3 times already with Lysol and muriatic acid.

Here’s a glimpse of our ground floor after the flood had subsided.

The floor had been washed a little before I took the photo.

Mud, mud, mud… The cabinet doors were submerged in water for half a day and now they won’t close properly…

There was no major damage though because we were able to move all of our stuff upstairs. I really hope this would be the last one, for the next two years at least… It’s so hard to sleep well when it’s raining.

On the other hand, it always amazes me how Filipinos can smile through calamities.

The overpass turned into a river bridge during the height of “habagat”

This is how bad the flood was last week but despite the cities being submerged in flood, Pinoys managed to be witty and upbeat.

Talk about innovation…

Amazing how these kids can make the best out of the situation. It’s not like everyday they can skim board in the city. I wish I were one of them…

I’m not sure if this is true because the outlets were probably under water too, but this is just funny.

Oh yea, whenever there’s a camera, Pinoys always smile!

And last, but not the least, my favorite. You can read about these brave lovebirds here.

Aww, for better or for worse, through thick or thin, rain or shine, for wet or for dry… what love can do…sigh…

I guess no DIY post for quite a while….

Our street turned mini-“river”

Rain meant sleeping in, snuggling, hot chocolate and all-day movie. Not anymore! Now it causes sleepless nights and today is the dreaded day.

Last night at around 7:30, water started sprouting out of our kitchen drainage. The kitchen/laundry area is the lowest part of our house. Behind it, is a creek and when it rains hard and continuously all day, this is the result.

The last time there was a flood was 3 years ago when Ondoy hit Luzon. But unlike Ondoy, we were lucky this time. We were able to bring most of our stuff upstairs last night but the water subsided after about an hour (the main part is elevated by one step.) Earlier this morning, around 4:30, the rain started again and as expected, water started rising again from the kitchen. About an hour later, water was already ankle-deep.

Our dining area and my newly built shelves 🙁

Last glimpse of our freshly painted living room before we evacuate our house….

Imagine how muddy our ground floor would be once the water has gone… And I don’t even want to think how those humongous, nasty rats are partying right now. Ewww!

The creek behind the kitchen. (Nice view from my kitchen, right?)

The rapids

And look, even Morgan is gloomy… and bored… and helpless… hehehe

I hope the rain would stop soon. In other areas, the flood is neck-deep and there are people stuck in their homes. Some probably do not have enough food for the day and others might have small babies feeling cold and hungry. The funny thing is there is no typhoon… Oh well…


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