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Very, Very Long Time Ago, I Got A Chance To Be An Art Teacher…

Hey guys, I just want to share this because I’m feeling quite nostalgic. Hehehe! I received an email notification earlier in my Gmail account regarding a new follower on my really, really old, already-forgotten blog Samu’t Saring Pintura. It was a very short-lived blog about teaching painting to the kids in SOS Village Iloilo and holding a week-long fundraising exhibit in SM Iloilo.

Reading through my blog made me miss those children. It was almost six years ago and I wonder if some of them still have the passion for art. We haven’t been back to Iloilo for years and I hope one summer, I could teach another batch of kids.samutsariPlease click the image or the link above to read my one-time gig as an art teacher. Haha!


Beginning of A Family Tradition

Hubby and I are self-proclaimed beach bums. Our first Boracay trip was in 2007 and it was a memory we would always cherish. For four days, we did nothing but lounge by the beach getting a tan, only going back to our lodging after dinner. We would wake up early in the morning, have a couple of bread from Julie’s Bakeshop and 3-in-1 coffee for breakfast. Once a day, we would indulge ourselves with something really good like chili garlic prawns, butter garlic king crab and grilled lobster.

Three years later, we came back to the island with our 16-month old Bryce. Having a toddler meant going back to the lodging after lunch for a nap and sleeping no later than 9 pm. Meals were interrupted with either bottle feeding or untimely diaper change.  The worst was when Bryce pooped in his swimming shorts (no diaper) while we were enjoying our chili crab with our hands. So appetizing!

And now four years later, there are four of us! Boracay is no longer the same when you’re lugging two kids under 6. We still love the beach, of course, but we surely miss out laid-back moments. Well, I guess we have to wait a few more years before we could take another vacation sans the kids…

Anyway, we decided that this will be our official family pose! Haha! We will try to go back to Boracay every 3 years to take a photo and watch the kids grow and us, get older. I wonder, if  grandchildren would be included someday…family pic2

Homeschoolers Do Get To Attend A Traditional Class Too!

We received a message from TMA last August that all preschoolers will have a Playroom on Thursday, August 28 in CCF Building near Tiendesitas. We were all quite excited about this because Bryce will have a chance to interact with other K2 homeschoolers even for just a day.

IMG_4851As usual, we were about half an hour late and I wasn’t worried about missing a lot of things because I thought a Playroom was like a 2-hour party for kids (like a Jollibee party, hehe) where they can play with each other. So when we entered the room, I was surprised to find a nursery classroom setup with a huge mat at the center and the tables and chairs arranged around it. They were in the middle of playing “I Spy” where the kids had to look for the item the teacher was describing. Bryce was in his typical observer mode and Kenya was hysterical with the sight of kids. If she could join the kids in the mat, she definitely would. Hehe!IMG_4853That days topic was about responsibility and the game “I Spy” was a fun way to teach the students on how to be responsible by making making their own bed, taking care of clothes and not playing when it is study time.IMG_4869Of course, like a typical class, they have recess and arts and crafts time! They were each given placemats and paper plates, spoon and fork so they can learn how to properly set a table.IMG_4888IMG_4900Bryce is not exactly the “bibo” type. He’s very reserved and he doesn’t like singing along with his classmates. We didn’t think he was enjoying the whole time we were there, but when we got home, he knew all the songs and would play “I Spy” with Kenya. When asked if he would like to attend another Playroom again, he said yes, even though he said he didn’t want to anymore right after the session was finished.

IMG_4901 IMG_4905I’m glad TMA organizes such activities. It gives preschoolers a chance to experience traditional classroom setup. It also made us realize that homeschooling Bryce really is the right decision. Typical classroom would be too boring for him. Hehe!

I wonder what the activity will be this September.

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