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Maximizing your Condo Unit Space with SB Furniture

Last June 9, I attended SB Furniture Collection Launch and Showroom Tour in Bonifacio Global City. I have heard of SB Furniture before but never really considered it for my condo projects. I thought this was just another department store brand that wouldn’t last long, but I was proved wrong after the event.

Whenever I design, I always consider the durability and flexibility of the pieces that I choose. As a designer, my clients trust me on choosing good quality furniture without going beyond the budget and so I try to avoid those that are made from low quality MDF that warp over time.  When I saw SB Furniture’s items, I know that I will now keep their catalogs for my future projects. There is a wide variety of designs that may go with almost any themes you have in mind. 

img_6138As SB Furniture Merchandising Manager Jackson Cue said: “We at SB Furniture understand how personal the home is, so we make sure to help customers get a home that reflects their personality and preferences through extensive product lines that consider varied needs and home themes.”

img_6082I personally love their hanging cabinets which you can combine to create bigger storage. The white cabinets above are sized 120 x 30 x 40cm which is perfect as media cabinet, an overhead shelf above the bed or even a storage console table along the hallway.img_6113If you are looking for something Scandinavian in theme, they also have furniture in light oak wood finish. img_6117Should you prefer something more classic, the Spazio Collection may be for you. The clean lines in dark wood finish adds elegance to your space.img_6049For your sweet tween daughter, the Patisia Collection may be something she would fall in love with. One of my client’s daughter actually wanted a pink bedroom like this one. Hehe!

img_6174SB Furniture’s showrooms and stores are located in Bonifacio Global City (in photo), Makati, Alabang, Ortigas, Quezon City, Sta. Rosa, and Pampanga. For more information, please visit their website at

We like for our customers to think of us as a friend and partner so we encourage you to share your vision with us. The consultation with our design specialists will help you get a clearer picture of how to maximize and lay-out your space. When you’ve selected what you want, we offer fast delivery and home installations – so you can actually get your dream home all in one day!

-Jackson Cue

Homeschoolers Do Get To Attend A Traditional Class Too!

We received a message from TMA last August that all preschoolers will have a Playroom on Thursday, August 28 in CCF Building near Tiendesitas. We were all quite excited about this because Bryce will have a chance to interact with other K2 homeschoolers even for just a day.

IMG_4851As usual, we were about half an hour late and I wasn’t worried about missing a lot of things because I thought a Playroom was like a 2-hour party for kids (like a Jollibee party, hehe) where they can play with each other. So when we entered the room, I was surprised to find a nursery classroom setup with a huge mat at the center and the tables and chairs arranged around it. They were in the middle of playing “I Spy” where the kids had to look for the item the teacher was describing. Bryce was in his typical observer mode and Kenya was hysterical with the sight of kids. If she could join the kids in the mat, she definitely would. Hehe!IMG_4853That days topic was about responsibility and the game “I Spy” was a fun way to teach the students on how to be responsible by making making their own bed, taking care of clothes and not playing when it is study time.IMG_4869Of course, like a typical class, they have recess and arts and crafts time! They were each given placemats and paper plates, spoon and fork so they can learn how to properly set a table.IMG_4888IMG_4900Bryce is not exactly the “bibo” type. He’s very reserved and he doesn’t like singing along with his classmates. We didn’t think he was enjoying the whole time we were there, but when we got home, he knew all the songs and would play “I Spy” with Kenya. When asked if he would like to attend another Playroom again, he said yes, even though he said he didn’t want to anymore right after the session was finished.

IMG_4901 IMG_4905I’m glad TMA organizes such activities. It gives preschoolers a chance to experience traditional classroom setup. It also made us realize that homeschooling Bryce really is the right decision. Typical classroom would be too boring for him. Hehe!

I wonder what the activity will be this September.

What I Love About Breastfeeding

bmI can’t believe that it has already been nine months since I have given birth to Kenya and I am also very proud to say that I have been successful in exclusively breastfeeding her. I have to admit that my primary motivation for breastfeeding is weight loss. Selfish, I know. Haha! I completely lost my pregnancy weight after 5 months.

640Breastfeeding is like a freebie! You get free calories burned without spending effort on it. In fact, I love breastfeeding while laying down (Burning calories while lounging, what more can you ask for?!) It’s most comfortable for Kenya since she can sleep right after feeding; and for me too since I can relax and read. But of course, it’s not going to work if you’re eating for 3 persons. Again, it’s like working out but indulging in pizza and ice cream all the time… Right now, weight loss have been a bit slower on me now since Kenya is more keen on solids. I still got 10 lbs. to go to reach my pre-Bryce’s weight (yea,they are stubborn fat!)

Exclusive breastfeeding doesn’t come easy though. It is quite a hassle for me, actually, but the benefits for the baby are definitely worth it. Here are my personal pros and cons:

bm-3Lately has been quite easier for me though. Kenya finally accepted bottle feeding even if it’s me who’s feeding her so I’m no longer limited to nursing bras and button down shirts when going out. And I can finally stay out for more than four hours!

Despite all the hassles, I wouldn’t trade exclusive breastfeeding for anything. I won’t talk about the health benefits of breastfeeding to your child or yourself because you can read it here and here or you can just simply google it. All I can say is that Kenya never got sick, as in ever, not once. Almost every other month, someone in the family gets a cough or cold or both but she never caught it. Bryce could cough practically on her face and we could sleep together in one bed (not that I’m encouraging it), but she’s a super baby with soaring immune system! I wish my mom  breastfed me too so I don’t have to suffer from allergy all year round.

I would sacrifice anything to keep my children as healthy as possible that’s why I bought an electric breast pump three months ago when my milk supply was alarmingly low. I got First Years miPump Single Pump (P4,299.75) so that I don’t have to buy extra bottles since I had the manual pump before. It’s pretty affordable compared to other brands and I can say that it does its job well. The only con is that it’s a single pump so pumping both breasts means double the time. But I’m just here at home most of the time so I really don’t mind.

If you’re a working mom and pumps at work, it is best to invest in a double pump like this one. It’s P17,500 from but if you consider the cost of formula (say P5000/month), you’ll have your ROI in less than 4 months! You’re actually saving money!Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.22.49 AMJust sharing this to all mamas who store milk, these bags from are really affordable! I got mine from Avent for P499 (25pcs).Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.18.19 AMAnd for working moms who need to store a week’s worth of breast milk, this is the best deal, I think. 🙂Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.19.21 AMLastly, I’m just inspired by my friend’s dedication to breastfeed her son. She works full-time, pumps at work, breastfeeds anytime, anywhere. Just look at her stash, about 60 cups containing 5oz. of the golden liquid! Jealous!


Taken from her Facebook account