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Modus Operandi Alert This Holiday Season: Hypnotism

As the Christmas season is already in full swing, so are the people out there who would do anything to make extra money even if it meant harming others. I don’t usually post articles like this, but I am just too bothered not to share what happened to my best friend’s sister about a week ago. I, too, have a sister and friends who are still in school and may be potential victims of this gang. It is bad enough for your phone to be taken without your knowledge, but it is way worse to be hypnotized, taken to another city with all your belongings gone upon coming back to your senses. The worst part, you have no memory of how it happened. That’s what happened to my friend’s sister. Please read the account below and I hope it would help you stay cautious and safe this holiday season.

It’s the Last Quarter of the Year So I Thought I’d Share Some Random Stuff

octoberTime flies too quickly! I’ve got a million project that I want to do but unfortunately, I only have at least 15 waking hours a day. I wish I had 36 though… it’s almost the end of the year and I plan to finish my Interior Decorating Course before the year ends. Yep, you read it right. I’m taking an online class since I can’t afford (financially and schedule-wise) to enroll in a local design school.

ashworthWhy Interior Decorating Program and not Interior Design? Well, I love decorating, naturally. I think there are enough interior designers in the country and I want to tap a niche market. What that is, I will talk about in another post. Haha! Sorry for the tease. 🙂 Anyway, I’m on the third part of my course  and I really hope I could spend more time studying and researching. And when I say research, I mean on field and not online.kenyaANNNND this month, Kenya is turning ONE! A couple of her teeth finally showed up, Hooray! A few more months and I will have a little bit of freedom. I still haven’t decided how long I’m going to breastfeed her exclusively though.

That’s it! I just want to keep a positive outlook this month. The past few months are quite stressful. Hope you’ll have a productive last quarter!

Very, Very Long Time Ago, I Got A Chance To Be An Art Teacher…

Hey guys, I just want to share this because I’m feeling quite nostalgic. Hehehe! I received an email notification earlier in my Gmail account regarding a new follower on my really, really old, already-forgotten blog Samu’t Saring Pintura. It was a very short-lived blog about teaching painting to the kids in SOS Village Iloilo and holding a week-long fundraising exhibit in SM Iloilo.

Reading through my blog made me miss those children. It was almost six years ago and I wonder if some of them still have the passion for art. We haven’t been back to Iloilo for years and I hope one summer, I could teach another batch of kids.samutsariPlease click the image or the link above to read my one-time gig as an art teacher. Haha!


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