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Break the fast in style in the new B & P Cyberscape Alpha Outlet

Lately, I’ve been craving to stay in one of Tagaytay’s bed and breakfast boutique hotels. The past weeks have been very stressful due to several on-going projects. I honestly never thought that my passion for interior decorating would turn into a full time job. So, thank you very much to all who appreciate my design. You made my career change possible. Haha!

B&P Ortigas (7)

Drama aside, I still want a break but I can’t. Working at home is a challenge because when I work, I want to finish it in one seating as much as possible, so the chains of thoughts and ideas wouldn’t be disrupted. But having two kids in the house makes it quite impossible so I’m constantly looking for a coffee shop where I can spend a few hours in solitude with earphones glued to my ears. So when I found out about B&P last Saturday, I was ecstatic! The cozy interior, comfort breakfast food, quality coffee and most of all free WI-FI! Heaven! 😀 B&P Ortigas (2)As soon as I entered B&P, l instantly felt right at home. The first thing that caught my attention before being led upstairs for the bloggers’ event, was the huge upholstered booth divider which I later found out, were actual headboards! How cozy is that! It reminds me of The Boutique Bed and Breakfast in Tagaytay. I think I can stay in one of the booths all day, if only they would let me put my feet up. Hehe!

B&P Ortigas (5)Of course, being into interior decorating, it’s the cool and hip design that interests me more than the food whenever I come into restaurants like this (so that I can steal ideas for future projects, :D) The restaurant is actually the latest design project of Francis “Nix” Alañon, interior stylist of FTA Design and currently editor in chief of My Home magazine.

Putting together a lot of interesting patterns, colors and textural elements, the playful mix-and-match heightened the style quotient and added as well a cheerful welcoming appeal to the dining place. “I envisioned a bright, friendly haven for guests. I also combined interesting elements into this space without it feeling too overwhelming,” he said. B&P Ortigas (1)Being an all-day breakfast place located within walking distance to business, commercial and BPO offices, Nix said that imbibing a cozy after-office ambiance is the most important aspect to consider in designing this restaurant.

“I took the breakfast in bed inspiration literally to make B&P laid-back, casual yet classy and remarkably designed for its market. This is why we have these comfortable plush seats with huge backrests, which are actually headboards, to make the dining experience like actually enjoying a leisurely breakfast in bed.” B&P Ortigas (9)“To further enhance the lounging experience so as to promote B&P as a perfect place for casual conversations over coffee and great food, we added custom-made tables and chairs. I also thought of adding quirky egg prints on the walls to give the dining area bright, eye-popping visual details,” he added.

Lastly,  to give B&P a charming rustic edge, Nix used wall sconces for moody lighting, floral design accents, as well as geometric-patterned wood flooring.

Of course, there’s more reason for me to go back here and stay even longer because of their menu line-up that encompasses breakfast classics, snacks, and lunch-style dishes both healthy and sinful. We got to try almost everything from the menu and I should say that I already have some personal favorites.

Burrito Omelette
My #1: Burrito Omelette (P230)! It is crispy bacon fried rice wrapped in scrambled eggs, served with tomato salsa. I love cooking so whenever we eat out, I always try to order something that is not typical and is bursting with flavors, preferably with various spices. We all know that typical breakfast menu consists of “si-log” meals (Tapsilog, longsilog, etc.) and they are all just the same. This one has egg and fried rice too, but the salsa and the rich flavors of the rice makes it worthy of being a new favorite breakfast meal.

For lighter meal, I’d definitely go for Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwich (P225). Don’t worry, the tomato soup isn’t sour at all. I actually dipped the bread there because I thought it was a dip since it seemed too thick for a soup. But try dipping it too. I think it enhances the sandwich’s flavor better. 😀

Beer Batter Buttermilk ChickenHonestly, when they served this Beer-battered Buttermilk Chicken (P450, half chicken, good for sharing), I wasn’t too interested. Probably because I was already full and I thought it would be like any other breaded chicken fillet. I have high standards in terms of deep-fried food because I know that it’s the batter and marinade that would make or break it. But this dish is surprisingly good! I prefer it without rice though, just the french toast and gravy served with it is already perfect.

Primera TapaOf course, good ol’ classic tapsilog will forever be in my favorite list. B&P’s Primera Tapa (P295) consists of prime Angus beef tapa topped in adobo rice with choice of egg and pickle relish. The serving is generous enough for one, big, hearty breakfast or lunch or dinner…. 😀

Baby Back RibsTheir fork-tender Baby Back Ribs (P475) is a must try too and so is their creamy, linguine Carbonara (265).Triple DeckerI wasn’t able to try their Triple Decker (P250) because really, I no longer had any room in my tummy although it looks so tempting! This is three layers of fluffy pancakes, smothered with generous serving of your choice if spread (peanut butter, Speculoos, coco jam, dulce de leche or Nutella) topped with caramelized banana. I surely will get this one next time.

Junior Corporate Chef Angela VillaromanIn the months to follow, guests can expect more palate-pleasing additions to the menu, courtesy of its Junior Corporate Chef Angela Villaroman, a young and very promising graduate of CCA, Manila.

Caffeine fans are also offered with many options to brewing their cup of joes — via alternative brewing methods like cold drip, siphon, aeropress, and V60 pour over. Add to these the Specialty Coffee Mixes that are available at B&P Ortigas only: the Mocha Shot (a mix of espresso shot, condensed milk and chocolate) and Mindblower (which is a combination of condensed milk and espresso shot).

Open daily from 6 AM to 10 PM, start the day enjoyably right at the following B&P All-Day Breakfast Restaurant outlets: Cyberscape Alpha Ortigas (997-3218), 515 Shaw Boulevard (631-3252), Il Terrazzo Tomas Morato (374-7730), and Science Hub 3 McKinley Hill Taguig (833-0440). For more updates, like its Facebook and IG fan pages (BNPhome).

Bryce’s Day at Kidzania Manila

Yesterday, we had a chance to visit Kidzania Manila before it officially opens to the public on Friday (and for a discounted price) since my highschool bestfriend works there. Bryce was excited and so we read the Awesome Planet’s blog about Kidzania the night before and checked out their website just so we could plan what “jobs” he would take.

We got there at 3:30pm and the parking in Park Triangle was already full and so were the open parking nearest to the building. We parked in Serendra instead and walked to Kidzania since we were going to ROX after anyway. You can park in Market Market, but I think Serendra is much closer.

From the outside, you can clearly see the Cebu Pacifc check-in counters where visitors can buy their tickets. My husband jokingly asked if there were people who would think that it was an actual Cebu Pacific booking center. Hehe! entranceOnce “checked-in”/paid, we were given a map and receipts that look like a boarding pass.mapEach one of us were also given a Kidzania RFID (radio frequency identification) security bracelet. Bryce’s bracelet was linked to us, his registered accompanying adults. I really love this feature because there is no way Bryce could leave the premises without alerting the security and us, thus no kidnap paranoia on our side. Haha!rfid tagUpon registration, Bryce was given a check worth 50 KidZos, Kidzania’s own currency. He should go to a bank (BPI) and have it “encashed” so he can use it to pay for products and services. He can also earn more KidZos by working in establishments in the play city! He can also opt to open a bank account and he will be given an ATM card. ATMs are available all around the city so kids can withdraw cash whenever necessary. It’s a good way to teach kids about banking.kidzosFIRST JOB: Courier   Earnings: 8 KidZos

We were walking aimlessly for more 10 minutes because we were kinda overwhelmed with the miniature city and we actually didn’t know where to start. Good thing, a lady from LBC approached Bryce and asked him if he wanted to deliver packages in exchange for 8 KidZos. firstjob1And so Bryce went off to his first ever job as a courier! I think he was a checker here. Parents are not allowed inside the establishments so we didn’t know what they were discussing.firstjob3They were to deliver two packages, one to a pharmacy and one to a newspaper office before they could go back to LBC’s office to get their hard-earned salaries. Didn’t they look cute?driving schoolFor the second activity, he wanted to drive, but before he could, he had to have a driver’s license. It costed him 15 KidZos. driving school2Driving the streets costs him another 15 KidZos but if he would to work as a gasoline boy, he could earn 6 KidZos.

Second Job: Construction Worker  Earnings: 8 KidZos

The night before, he already planned that he would work in a construction company so he was really excited to be here. I wish they would do more than brick laying, It was kinda boring. Haha!constructionThird Job: Urban Farmer  Earnings: 10 KidZos

His third job, a farmer in the Farm House was his favorite. He even went back here again but we told him to try another one since we’re leaving at 7. He said they planted giant seeds, but didn’t harvest them. farmhouse1farmhouse2I had no idea what they were doing but it sure looked nice inside. I even wanted to copy the pallet vertical garden on the left. Haha!

Fourth Job: Pharmacist   Earnings: 10 KidZos

His fourth job was a pharmacist in Mercury Drug. And this was the point where I was starting to feel so I tired, I really wanted to go home. 🙁 But Bryce seemed to enjoy his job in Mercury drug. According to him, they were taught how to measure and mix medicines. I think the use of thermometer was also explained. I just wanted somewhere to sit and put my feet up. Haha!pharmacyPart our plan was to try being a pilot. As it was already past 6, this was our last activity for the day. There was a line but fortunately, Bryce made the cut off. Hubby went off to Sky’s lounge (or parents’ getaway room. 0-14 years old are not allowed inside) and had McCafe’s latte which, according to him, was surprisingly good. I would have wanted one but it was for P115. I’d rather wait for dinner. pilotAfter the Aviation Academy experience, we asked Bryce if he loved being a pilot. I didn’t know if he was just tired but that was his least favorite part. Probably because they were left alone “in the cockpit navigating the air” with just a monitor showing the aerial view of places. He loved the farm house, though and the drugstore because things and processes were explained to them. He loves it when he learns new terms and mere physical activities with no further information shared were just a bit boring for him. Oh, well, all kids are different. I wonder what Kenya would be like here…

theaterKnowing Bryce, I know the theater would be the last in his list, maybe not even in the list! But I just find this cute. When Kenya turns four, I’ll bring her here and I know she would be more than willing to perform up there.

For almost four hours, Bryce was only able to do 4 jobs and try 3 activities. He wanted to try pizza making in Yellow Cab Pizza but it wasn’t open yet and so was McDonald’s. The fire station was the most in-demand establishment. If your kids want to try being a fire fighter, I suggest you go in early and go to the fire house immediately before the line starts filling up.

If you can, go on a weekday which is cheaper and has longer shift (7 hours). Weekends only have 4-hour shift which, like us, would probably leave your kids with just 5-8 activities depending on the number of visitors.

There are more than a hundred role playing activities for your kids to try and so, definitely, a single visit is not enough. It may be quite pricey but I think it is an excellent way to supplement a child’s education. I find it especially helpful for homeschooling families like us.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 6.44.51 PM

Looking forward to our next visit. But we will make sure to bring older kids with us so we can just stay in the Sky Lounge. The kids will definitely last for seven hours, but I don’t think I can. Maybe they should include a spa in the play city. Hehe!

Get a Chance to Bring your Family to The Mind Museum for FREE!

IMG_9215I was so excited when I have first heard of The Mind Museum.  Science is not exactly my most favorite subject but I love going to museums, any museums, that is.

Here’s a short overview of the museum, taken from their website:

The Mind Museum concept is uniquely Filipino. Our exhibition takes off from a narrative that presents science in over 250 interactive exhibits through five interconnected stories. The exhibition spans nature in scale, from the smallest thing in nature to the largest and everything in between: Atom, Earth, Life, Universe and Technology.

Almost all the exhibits in The Mind Museum are originally designed by Filipino artists and fabricators who worked closely with scientists here and abroad to execute science principles or facts clearly and beautifully.  

There are also two outdoor areas to continue discovery: Science-in-the-Park and the JY Campos Park.

mindmuseum1Bryce was only four when we visited but despite his young age, he was able to enjoy the museum especially the part where he got to play “archaeologist.”mindmuseum2 mindmuseum3This coming December, since the vacation will be quite long, why not keep your kids’ minds stimulated by visiting The Mind Museum in Taguig? I’m giving away four passes worth P2100:

  • 2 Child/Student* Pass worth P450 each
  • 2 Adult Pass Worth P600 each
  • Passes are for 3-hour museum visit
  • * Private school students up to college. School ID must be presented along with this gift certificate.


Update: Thank you all for joining my first raffle. There will be more to come. 🙂 …And here’s the lucky winner.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.20.41 AM

Thanks, Janice! I hope your family had a wonderful time at The Mind Museum. 🙂

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