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My Curiosity: The Henry Hotel in Cebu

I’ve always loved boutique hotels oozing with personality. I’m really not into hotels with hundreds of beige, minimalist rooms exuding pure elegance. I guess I’m just not the elegant kind. Hehe!


So, when I saw the photos of The Henry Hotel, I instantly fell in love. I love the polished concrete flooring, the industrial chic look of the lobby, the daring pops of engine red and the “unfinished ceiling” look. I know not many people would appreciate the look but it is what can make one’s hotel stay unique.henry2

I love that wooden wire spool turned into coffee table. I’ve been looking for a spool for quite some time now but haven’t had any luck yet.  Found one in though for P750 each. I’m just not willing to shell out that amount of money. Maybe I should ask hardware stores if they can sell me one or better if they could give me one. But I doubt since you can hardly get anything for free here in Manila. 🙁

Anyway, back to The Henry. I’m not sure how many rooms they have exactly, but from their website, I gathered they have four (4) kinds: big, large, x-large and xx-large.


BIG: 36sqm of individual space with rain shower and handheld showers


LARGE: 42sqm of individual space with rain shower


X-LARGE: 72sqm of individual space; rain shower, double sink, and some rooms with pedestal bathtub


XX-LARGE: 108sqm of individual space; 2 king size beds; 2 bathrooms, one with double sink and pedestal bathtub

I just love how generous they are with room spaces. The x-large and xx-large rooms are even roomier than typical Metro Manila 2-bedroom units. Staying here with a couple of hyper-active toddlers will never be a problem.

Sigh… I just love how visually refreshing this hotel is. (I know, “love” is overused in this post. But I just love it!) I wish someday I would be able to write a personal review about this place. I bet there’s so much DIY ideas I can steal here.

*All images and information were taken from their website

Our Year Ender Break From the City

A month ago, we decided to spend the last day of 2012 in Tagaytay for a couple of reasons: (1) we were burnt out from work especially my husband and (2) we wanted a good night sleep, away from the noise and pollution brought by New Year’s celebration. So off we went to Tagaytay at 9:20am on December 31 and got there in an hour and half.

(Note: If you’re planning to go there next year, leave on the 31st when everyone seems to be awaiting the new year in their homes. You will still be able to enjoy going around the city and checking out the parks. New Year’s day is traffic day.)

The weather was just what we were hoping for. The light drizzle and cold wind was ideal for sleeping, sipping coffee, movie marathon and hot shower.


A very cloudy day in Tagaytay with light drizzles a.k.a. sleepy weather.

I personally don’t like staying in large hotels especially high rise ones because it’s just too boring and depressing for me. Their elegant, minimalist features that are almost exactly the same with the other 75 or so rooms lack personality. Well, at least for me. That’s why I love boutique hotels (I’m glad the hubby agrees with me). Each room has it’s own theme. A designer’s delight! Hehe!


We tried Lee Boutique through I have to be honest that I had much apprehension about this hotel ever since I first heard of it a couple of years ago. Their published rate is ridiculously expensive (even more expensive than The Boutique) but they were constantly on promo from Agoda to group buying sites. And finally, we found out.

Ok, this is not a travel blog so I won’t be blabbering about every minute detail about this hotel. You can read my review on this hotel though here just in case you’d like to check it out yourself. Overall, I would give this hotel a 3/5.

Anyway, whenever we checked into a hotel, resort or any nice place, I try to steal something. Yep, I steal! Not those 300 thread count bedsheets or those fluffy bathrobes but rather ideas that I can use for future projects. Look what I’ve stolen from Lee Boutique:


Isn’t this a clever space saver? Next time I have a public restroom project, I’d definitely do this. If you have “stolen” something from your recent vacation (or even not so recent ones), please share it with me…. 🙂

Check out the hotel’s photos below. The overall design isn’t so quite appealing to me though. I still like The Boutique Bed and Breakfast better.

Reunited with Nature at Last!

Last December 24 and 25, we were invited by a friend to their humble abode in the midst of a mountain somewhere in Sta. Maria, Laguna. I was actually looking forward to this trip because it’s in the mountain! Nothing excites me more than spending the night in the mountain, filling my lungs with fresh air (no allergies in the morning) and enjoying the scent of the grass. magnificentThe place was only two and half hours away from Manila so it’s a perfect get away from the stressful city. I wish we had our own piece of land there with trees of course!

The highlight of the trip was the falls. The water was definitely inviting but the urge to take photos was stronger. This opportunity doesn’t come too often, you know.

Bryce by the falls

No water is too cold for Bryce.

I’m not sure what the elevation is but we must have been pretty high up. It felt like someone turned on nature’s air conditioner but way, way better because the air just felt and smelled wonderfully delicious.


Even Morgan, our year-old Lab, enjoyed the hike and the swim in the falls.

Sorry, I’m so bad at sharing this trip. I’m actually out of words to describe the experience. It’s just pure bliss… I hope these pictures would speak for me instead.

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