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My First Chair Makeover

Presenting, my first ever total chair make-over!

Note: This is not a tutorial post but rather an enumeration of my mistakes. This is my first attempt without the help of a carpenter. (Ooops, I did ask our carpenter to do the paint stripping, but the rest it was all moi!)

It would have been an easy one if the chair’s paint weren’t too bad. There were about a hundred coatings of paint and were badly chipped off. Sanding it would have been a nightmare, which I tried at first but eventually gave  up and bought a paint stripper.

Mistake #1: I made a mistake of using lesser grit sandpaper, thinking the paint would come off easily that way. It did though, but I damaged the wood. Don’t make the same mistake! Use a paint stripper instead then sand the surface using 260-grit sandpaper once the paint has been removed.

Mistake #2: I used the wrong kind of brush for priming. I didn’t want to use spray paint as that would be too expensive and I don’t think this chair is worth it.  So, there were ugly brush strokes that even sand paper couldn’t make any better. Maybe I should use the smallest roller brush in the market next time.

Mistake #3: I was too excited to see the finished product so instead of applying several thin coats of spray paint, I sprayed until I can no longer see the primed surface. The result: paint drips! I sanded it off but they were still visible. Patience, Michelle…

Mistake #4: I used acrylic emulsion instead of polyurethane to protect the chair’s surface. Acrylic emulsion is used to coat latex paint (for concrete). Since the chair is wood, I’m not sure if I could use it. But the spray paint I used says Acrylic paint. When applied, it produced bubbles so I had to brush it continuously as it dries to prevent the bubbles from drying up. I was working on two chairs and I managed to take the bubbles out on the first one but I forgot on the second one because I coated my recently finished painting with acrylic emulsion. Talk about impatience again.

So there, despite the mistakes I did, the chairs turned out quite decent considering this is my first paint job ever. Here she is again…

I wanted the shabby chic look for this so I distressed it a bit, but no one seems to appreciate the distressed look here. Vintage is beautiful, ok? 🙂

These will be our new computer chair for now, but eventually, I’d like this to be in the dining room. I just need to look for two more similar chairs.

By the way, I don’t consider the computer chair and 3 chair upgrade a makeover because all I did was staple the fabric on top of the existing one. No hardcore painting and sanding involved like this one.

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    October 25, 2012 at 9:20 pm (5 years ago)

    Well Michelle, I think it really took a lot of patience to make over this char. It turned out beautiful, though. I want to make my chairs colorful like this. If I find a floral upholstery cloth, I will change mine, which is a dull solid brown. I can find really cheap ones here. Thanks for the good and simple idea.

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      October 26, 2012 at 10:45 am (5 years ago)

      Thanks, Ninang! I wish I could help you out. Used furniture shopping is more fun there since you can really find cheap ones unlike here. It’s cheaper to have it fabricated. Hehe!


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