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Coastal Style Inspiration

We don’t live in the beach and there’s none that is less than 3 hours away from our home but the coastal style is what I’m digging for our house. Although I cannot exactly do full out coastal just because it would look ridiculous from where we’re currently living, I only wanted to inject a bit of the beach in the house.

Here are some photos that I found helpful:


According to Room Envy, if you want a coastal inspired living room with laid-back feel as opposed to nautical themed, you should go for natural materials such as warm colored wood, sisal rugs, cotton linens, woven baskets while keeping your color palette white and neutral. Light and airy furniture are must-haves and those clustered tan pillows will complete the look too.


Weathered accents pieces like that mirror frame is another must have item. For wall decors, frame simple botanical prints to bring nature into your home.

coastal dining roomSource

This simple, chunky, light colored bare wood is exactly what I want for our dining although I’m not too keen on the white wicker chairs. I think it’s too beach like for me so I’m thinking of pairing it with modern pieces similar to Eames chair. I adore the blue vases though and that piece of drift wood on the buffet table.

Another reason why I love to go for a coastal inspired look is because it looks comfy. Being clumsy myself, I am not the type who would want polished furniture and highly modern (and expensive!) pieces around the house. They may not last long with me and with my 3-yeard old son. Most of the decors and furniture and be “DIY-ed” too!

When will I finish our living area?

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