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Colorful, Loft Inspired Shared Kids’ Bedroom

Weeks ago, I mentioned that I am redecorating Bryce’s bedroom to make room for Kenya and so I sold all of the furniture in that room. Below is my drawing of that room’s “evolution.”

When we had the second floor renovated four years ago, I had a cabinet built on the left side of the entrance. I wish I hadn’t done this because I could think of a much better furniture layout should that cabinet have not been there. Well, I wasn’t expecting another baby then, so now, I just have to work with what I have.

furniture plan-old

I had the bed and the dresser custom-made (see this post for detailed pics and description). Bryce’s bedroom also served as a guest room whenever my folks from Baguio City visit us. All of Bryce’s clothes were in the dresser so the built-in cabinet pretty held nothing at that time except for our suitcases and old clothes. (See Bryce’s ‘before’ room here.)

When Kenya came along, I transferred Bryce’s clothes into the built-in cabinet so Kenya could use the dresser. The dresser was then moved just outside of our bedrooms, beside the bathroom, because that’s the only available space. Then last year, I turned the single mattress from the pull-out into a daybed for our living room. And since the pull-out is pretty much useless now, I decided to move the bed against the wall to make more space. The drawers under the bed were still very useful in holding Bryce’s toys and beddings.

furniture plan-new

I wasn’t able to sell the trundle bed because we couldn’t get it down to the ground floor. It was built in the bedroom and I didn’t know that it wouldn’t fit our stair landing. Too bad, I already had an interested buyer for the bed. Our good friend, Ryan is an excellent carpenter and he was able to modify the bed into my required size.

From 48″ width, Bryce’s bed is now just 36″, just appropriate for his size since he won’t be sharing it with anyone anymore. Kenya will occupy the pullout, probably early next year. And because Bryce is home schooled, he now needs a proper study desk. He’s sharing my office and I want my corner to be exclusively mine! Wahaha! I don’t like seeing Kumon assignments and colored pencils on my desk anymore!

Colorful, Loft Inspired Kids Bedroom

When we discovered we were pregnant, I was kinda hoping for another boy although I really wanted a girl. We don’t have an extra room anymore and decorating a shared bedroom would be a challenge if ever we had a girl. If we had a boy, I would probably still change the bed size, get a bigger study desk but retain the wall color. Much cheaper! But again, this is another excuse for me to redecorate so I’m not complaining!

I love Land of Nod’s furniture so I have to take some inspiration from them. I always wanted to try having a brick wall in the house and I guess this is my chance. The walls will be neutral so I can play around with colorful decors and accessories. Of course, I don’t want it to look too boyish, girly or childish but rather fun, laid-back and comfy.

I have already finished priming the walls. I hope I can finish this room by the end of the week so our house can finally have some order. When you’re a breastfeeding mom, it’s impossible to continuously work for four hours!

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