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Day 2 Mess Status

What a rainy Tuesday! I was planning to check out a couple of thrift/surplus stores I know to look for old stuff that would benefit from my ‘LOVE’. But I don’t want to get my feet wet so I’d better just share the status of my challenge. (I’m so excited and I can’t contain it!)

The workplace area is where I’m focusing on first so I can go back to working on a desk.

I mentioned that I started on this project last Thursday, right? So here’s the mess we created. (I know, I  hired someone to help me. *blush* I’m not cheating. I’m just trying to learn from a pro before doing the actual painting myself. *defensive much?*)

Have a quick peek into my failures…

The black shoe rack has been painted. My original plan was to paint the whole rack in pale turquoise and the five panels in front dark to light turquoise like this:

I started mixing the paint and tried the bottom panel first. It looked good (I’m such an amateur blogger, I know. Why didn’t I take pictures?!?) Then I added a little white and painted the next panel. The paint dripped on the bottom one! No worries, it can easily be retouched. But I already added white to the paint I used for the bottom one so I had to use the new color (meant for the second panel) to repaint the bottom one! Came out perfect. So back to the second panel. I added more white again to make the color lighter. Actually I added it to the paint in the pan, that means I didn’t mix it so it came out blotchy when applied (Lazy me!).

It was a Saturday and my husband and I were supposed to leave in 45 minutes and my hands were dirty with paint. Frustrated and pressured, I asked the painter guy to do it for me. (He’s the pro, it should be a lot easier and less messier for him.) When we came back in the evening, he had finished painting the body and the 3 panels. Somehow it just didn’t look right. So yesterday, I asked for a white stripe on top to make it seem lighter and make the rest of the panels white except for the middle one. And yet, still not quite right!

I painted the blinds white. I was feeling confident and happy, I finally got rid of those twigs (I like the design still but these were from SM Department store so a lot of people probably have these too. Even my husband’s brother has the same blinds!)

I had my heart set on the turquoise chevron pattern already but after seeing the shoe rack, I realized, I made another mistake. I already have a block of turquoise on the same side of the room. Turquoise and lemon yellow are supposed to be accent colors only. My main palette is taupe and white, both neutral and would work well with the white walls and the ugly crazy cut marble floor. So I have to repaint the blinds again last night.

I wish I were in photoshop and all I had to do is say “Command-Z” and there’s your clean canvas again. But this is a learning process that everyone has to go through. Cliche as it is, practice really does make things perfect.

I can’t wait for the weekend!

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