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Design Thought: All-white interior, practical or not?

Like I mentioned before, we only have one tiny, pathetic looking window for our whole ground floor. Our house sits about 2 feet lower than the garage and my in-laws’ house. The garage’s roof blocks most of the sunlight so the only time I could literally see sunlight in our living area is when the sun is shining too brightly you have to wear sunglasses even if you’re under the roof. Most of the days, it is cloudy so the room looks gloomy and cave-like.

Few months ago, I finally got rid of the brown painted “baseboard” by painting the area all white. I had the dark brown TV stand painted white too and covered those red sofas with white bed sheets. Sorry, I still can’t get myself to take pictures of our living area because it just looks too far from being finished. Soon though, soon… Anyway, this made the room much, much brighter. Those red sofas which I thought were so cool turned out to be one of the major culprits for sucking the light out of the room!

So I thought, white is probably the best color for spaces deprived of natural light like condos and small townhouses. But since we’re living the Philippines where white doesn’t stay white for more than a day because of the pollution, is it practical?

Personally, I think it depends on the choice of material.

The white painted wooden floors, if sealed properly, is quite easy to clean. Choose furniture that are low maintenance like those thrifted chairs and coffee table, painted in pastel then distressed. Just make sure the couch covers are changeable so you can wash it from time to time.

To protect your precious sofas, have at least a couple of slipcover made so you can cover the sofas immediately after taking off the dirty one.

High gloss lacquer finish furniture look elegant and easy to maintain as you can quickly wipe off any dirt on it.

What do you think? Is white practical or not?

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