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DIY: Pearly Flowers

I found a beautiful satin-like light blue pillow case in Landmark few months ago and I just know it would be perfect for a DIY project. I just didn’t have a specific idea in mind then but with its price, P29.75 ($0.75) per piece, I didn’t think twice about grabbing two.

The fabric reminded me of weddings and I’m just in the mood for something romantic. I don’t exactly have a place in our house for this one but maybe I’ll use it when I feel like setting up a formal dinner for two (probably in my dreams.)

What you will need

  • Organza fabric or light sheer fabric in two colors (I used white and light blue)
  • Candle
  • Needle and thread
  • Pearls big and small

Cut your fabric into 2″x20″ strips. It doesn’t have to be super straight. The uneven edges would look much better. I made 5 strips of white and 5 of blue. If your fabric have creases, iron them flat first.

Next, lightly run the edges of the strip along the flame of a candle. (I know, my candle looks disgusting, but this is the only candle I found that day). Don’t get too close to the flame or your fabric will burn up.

This is how the edges should look like if you didn’t burn your fabric.

Roll the fabric while scrunching the bottom.

Sew the base, making sure all the scrunched up fabric is included. Repeat process for the rest of the 9 strips.

Being such a newbie blogger (and I was too excited to see the finished product) I totally forgot to take a picture of the next steps. But it’s pretty much self-explanatory so I guess you catch up.

After you finished the flowers, find the center of each and attach one big pearl. It will look like this:

My flowers aren’t in “full bloom” so you wouldn’t see the pearls right away. I think it’s a nice, lovely,  mysterious effect that you have to dig in to see a treasure.

You can now start attaching the flowers onto your pillowcase. The design can be all up to you. You can add more flowers if you like, sky is the limit.

Sew tiny pearls around your flowers for an even romantic look.

That’s it. This plain little thing is now looking oh so pretty in pearls!

Don’t limit yourself to pillow cases. These flowers can be applied to dresses as accent, headbands, centerpiece accessory, shoes, etc. Feel free to link me if you did this to one of your projects. I know you can do better than this. 🙂

2 Comments on DIY: Pearly Flowers

  1. avatar
    August 15, 2012 at 10:19 am (6 years ago)

    I think this can double as a wedding ring pillow. 😛 Just add some ribbons to hold the rings.

    • avatar
      August 16, 2012 at 4:23 pm (6 years ago)

      Yes, it can. What a good idea. hehe!


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