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    Quick Crafts For My Home Office

    My home office is still a work in progress and I’m still not ready for a final reveal. There are still a lot of unfinished details which I will post as soon as I get them done. So far, here is a couple of quick projects that I did weeks ago. Washi tapes are great […] Read more…

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    Let Your Kid Make His Own Toy

    Bryce is now four and half years old and we know that children that age are easily influenced by what they see around them. For the past week, he had been asking me if I could buy him clay (which he saw from his cousins and now he wants his own). I don’t like buying […] Read more…

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    The Start of My Sewing Journey: DIY Sewing Kit

    I’m now on my 36th week. I’ll be full-term by next week and I am so relieved that I finished all my projects (work-related ones) before September officially ends. So now I can devote 100% of my time to my last minute DIY projects. It’s quite frustrating, though, because simple tasks that should only take […] Read more…


    Another Two of My Chopstick Box

    I buy a magazine or two every month and so you can imagine how much I’ve accumulated by now. And while most of them are in our bookshelf cabinet, I’d like to keep a few recent issues within reach. I usually read in the bathroom (oops! it’s relaxing hey! I know some of you do […] Read more…


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    5-Minute DIY Hanging Belt Planter

    Two weeks ago, I was shopping for our beach trip in Landmark when I came across these colorful belts for P19.75 each. I’m not exactly a belt wearer but these are perfect for DIY projects so I got one of each color and two red ones. I would have bought more if only I didn’t have other things […] Read more…

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    How To Paint Wooden Pallets

    After we had our kitchen repainted, I needed an art-like installation that could also function as pot holder. There is a blank wall on the side of the sink that would be perfect spot for this. Since I painted our kitchen a neutral color from too bright apple green, I needed a fresh pop of […] Read more…

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    How To Add Color To Your Plain White Rental Apartment Walls CHEAPLY!

    In the Philippines, most renters often have very minimal budget for decorating. We don’t have IKEA where you can buy cheap but stylish furniture and decors (actually we do have IKEA resellers like Mobler and 5Corners but the item price are more than twice the US price, so it’s no longer considered cheap for me). […] Read more…

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    Simple String Wall Art

    I’m currently in the process of decorating our living room (I say decorating, not redecorating as it was not even properly decorated before.) Even though the ground floor is furnished with essential furniture like sofas, a center table, our work tables, dining set, it still lacks personality and I need more accessories to fill up […] Read more…


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    My Finished DIY Sofa

    I know it took me so long to post the final reveal of my DIY sofa, my most ambitious project so far. Though it might not look perfect at all, at least I learned a lot of things and I know, the next time I do this, it will look a whole lot better. I […] Read more…

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    How To Decoupage A Table

    One of my things to do for 2013 is to make our center table more appealing. If you read my post, that is how plain our living room looked like for the longest time and with the white walls and white-covered sofa, I meant to add pops of color here and there. I really like […] Read more…


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    Easy DIY Pillow Cases From Kitchen Towels

    I’m 38 weeks tomorrow, 2cm dilated and getting more and more impatient especially now that I have finished adding a touch of feminine hues in our bedroom. I just cannot wait to deliver this baby. If only my back weren’t killing me, I would be walking all day long. Anyway, after days of stalling, I […] Read more…

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    Another DIY Cellphone Case

    I made my own cellphone case months ago. Back then, I wanted something “ruggedly beautiful” but this time, I wanted something a bit more colorful.  I bought a yard and a half of yellow and blue felt from Carolina’s last week for P180/yard. I was going to use it for an accent pillow but I […] Read more…


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    How to DIY Your Own Backsplash

    Four months ago, I decided to find a place to rent that would serve as my work place. My interior decorating hobby became a full time job and I had to find someone who could help me with the project details and management. It was also getting hard for me to concentrate when I work […] Read more…

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    Before and After: Trolley Table Mini Makeover

    Since Kenya will be sleeping in our bedroom during her first year and her actual dresser is outside the bedroom, I needed a trolley table for her random stuff like cottons, diapers, medicine, clothes for the day, etc. I wanted to have one custom-made but hubby said there’s no more time so better to just […] Read more…

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    Ikea Hack: Faux Native Table

    I’m still working on having a beached-themed living room and the process is taking so slooooowly that’s why you’re not seeing further updates. From the rate I’m going, the big reveal might probably come mid-next year or worse, end of next year. I just hope not. Anyway, here is one accomplished task (out of 500, kidding, kinda…) […] Read more…

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    Painting a Department Store Furniture

    I often find it hard to find suitable furniture in department stores. From SM, Landmark even Puregold and other small, “low-end” furniture shop, they all look the same. The finish is often laminate–same old maple brown, black and sometimes but rarely white. Like this shoe rack. There were no other choices but black. It would have […] Read more…