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First Try on Cheese Pimiento Stuffed Chicken (Lazy Version)


I love anything stuffed, stuffed chicken, stuffed porkchop, stuffed turkey, stuffed bell pepper. You name it, I’m gonna eat it. So when I came across Nestle’s stuffed chicken recipe, I just had to try it. As usual, I tweaked the recipe a bit and ended up with a not-so-appetizing picture. But the taste, I swear, is divine! Even Bryce ate a lot that dinner. 🙂543133_502639019770916_654007030_n

You can try the recipe above as it is but when I whipped up this dish, I was on my peak of laziness. So instead of following Nestle’s instructions, this is what I did. Took me about 10minutes to prepare. Hehehe!

I didn’t have spring onions available and wanted a bit of veggies in my chicken so I opted for frozen veggies. 🙂

I love pimiento so I used a lot. And that pimiento in can sure was slimy. Where can I buy fresh ones?ingredients3

I sliced the chicken breast in half but not going all the way, just like when doing butterfly cut porkchop. 🙂 Then instead of grating the cheese, I sliced them into thin sticks. See, lazy am I! I sprinkled some paprika, by the way, after taking this photo.ingredients4

The recipe called for frying the chicken, but I know I’d mess up. I won’t be able to keep the stuffings inside the chicken, and of course, I was feeling so lazy, so I baked the chicken instead! I skipped rubbing Magic Sarap on the chicken breast because…

I added a cube of chicken bouillon and mushroom on my Nestle Cream. At this point the sauce is way too salty but when poured over the chicken, the chicken will absorb the flavor anyway. Lastly, I just popped the dish in a preheated oven. I am using a convection oven so baking time is lesser than conventional oven especially if the fan is on. My baking setting: 35 minutes at 180 C. stuffed-chicken

This is it! Served over red rice and buttered veggies. I am so going to have a second take on this and get better pictures.

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    February 27, 2013 at 10:51 am (5 years ago)

    Your such a creative.. I was working in Bahrain as an interior designer we back 15 years ago but my passion was shifted to illustrations and paintings. I studied B.S. Archi but not took board exam. Now I’m enjoying my work as an artist…good luck to your blog and more earnings to come.

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    February 28, 2013 at 3:20 pm (5 years ago)

    Wow! look so yummy. will try this when i get home..


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