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Green thumb, where art thou?

I’m a lover of nature. I love the mountains, the bright green rice fields, the smell of grass and pink peonies. But for some reason, nature doesn’t seem to reciprocate my love. I had several attempts to bring nature into my house but always failed to do so. In other words, plants die on me. Even a cactus which needs minimal amount of care and water didn’t last a month with me!

When we were still in Iloilo, my mom-in-law went for a visit and bought almost a dozen orchids in bloom. Of course, I offered to take care of them when she left. I even bought a driftwood for them to stick their roots on. That’s what I saw from my grandaunt when she was still alive so I thought I had at least some knowledge on orchids. Totally wrong! It wasn’t even a month yet when they started wilting. Those with small buds didn’t push through with blooming. And one by one, they started to die. The plants probably think I’m a witch who casts spells of death on them. :'( Good thing my mother-in-law never blamed me for her orchids’ tragic end.

I still attempted to bring live plants inside the house and so far, zero success. I’m probably going to stick to fake plants forever unless my husband volunteers to do the gardening. (It’s so unfair, he’s not that much into plants but he can just stick a twig in the soil and a couple of days later, there will be leaves sprouting. Why?!)

BUT, if ever my green thumb grows, I will definitely try to incorporate one of these designs in our house.


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    October 25, 2012 at 2:29 pm (5 years ago)

    i love the vertical planter! even the colors of the plants seem so vibrant!


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