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Hanging name pin board

If you have a kid, then you probably have (hopefully still have, if your child haven’t chewed off most of it) those colorful alphabet mats. You know, the kind with cutout letters or numbers. When they graduated from crawling and falling on their butts, these pieces will just take up your storage space and gather dust. So here’s an idea on what to do with the still intact pieces.

The pieces occupy one drawer under his bed.

One afternoon scenario: I was in bed, busy updating my blog, oblivious to what my son was doing. I knew he was just playing but the endless going back and forth to his room and mine, feet noisily thumping against our wooden floors, soon got into my nerves. He was indeed just playing — with all of his toys. All the drawers were wide open, the baskets of stuffed toys were empty, books were all over his room and mine. He laid out these alphabet puzzles on our floor, trying to find the letters B (for Bryce), M (for Mommy Michelle) and D (for Daddy Don). Imagine the mess! I just had a to find a way to get rid of this mat.

Since, I’m into monograms right now, I thought this letters would be perfect. The pieces still look new because we never used these as protective mat, but rather for an early attempt to introduce him to alphabets when he was just year old. Sadly, this wasn’t effective. YouTube was and still is!

So when Bryce went down for a quick play outside, I immediately grabbed the letters and my tools for this really quick project, hanging name pin board/growth chart!

Here are the materials you need.

First, make 1″x4″ strips from your clear folder. The number of pieces depends on the name you want to create.

Next, staple the pieces together. I cut small of pieces of corrugated box to make the letters thick enough for stapling. Without these, you’ll most likely staple the mat as well. Happened to me on my first try. Heh heh!

Attach a ribbon and hang! Just that simple and easy! Oh, you might ask if you could use ordinary stapler instead so you don’t have to use board pieces anymore. Well, I tried that, it wouldn’t hold the pieces together too well. I’m not sure if hot glue would work or if it would melt the mat. Let me know if you tried. Like I’ve said, I’m lazy so for me this is the quickest route. 🙂

I used flaglets to mark his height. This wall is where I take his height by marking it with a pencil. The 36 you can see is the 3 feet mark. This is where I would pin his doodles. So far, I only have one worth showcasing.

Yes, he really did this. Even I can’t believe myself and he just turned 3 last July!

If your letters are a little worn out, you can always cover it with fabric so you can still pin stuff. You can also “half upholster” (because you’re only going to do one side) it like my other monogram.

Now, what to do with the rest of the letters?

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