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Hey, hey, hey!

Gender-announcementI’ve never been so excited in my entire life! Prior to the ultrasound yesterday, I wasn’t expecting anything. Either a boy or a girl would be fine. But when the sonographer told us it’s a girl, (but will have to confirm at 28 weeks or so, but it’s more likely a girl anyway since it’s easier to see if it’s a boy) my mind had already started listing DIY ideas for the baby.

I so want to start buying Amy Butler fabrics to make into cute dresses and for bedroom accents. I wish we have another spare room for the baby but she’ll be sharing bed with us until she’s probably 2 years old (just like Bryce). But I want to transform Bryce’s room into a kiddie his and hers. They have a 4-year gap so I’m assuming it won’t be too long before Bryce demands for a room of his own. Hopefully not as we don’t have our own house yet.

For now, I have less than 20 weeks to go to finish decorating and organizing our ground floor. I wish there’s more than 24 hours per day.

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