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Need my help designing your home?

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Designing homes is my passion and I love the challenge of maximising spaces no matter how small, without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics. I am a lover of homey and cozy designs that would make anyone feel welcome and at home, as if you, yourself, decorated your place out of love. I believe that in order to make small spaces work, every item in your place needs to have a designated place to avoid clutter. So if you need someone who can help you reflect your style and personality in your home, maybe I can help! 😀

Feel free to fill out the form below. It would help me to better respond to your inquiries. I’d really appreciate it too if you can also give me a short (or detailed) idea of how you would want your unit to look like. You can also send me your unit floor plan to further help me give you proper response. Looking forward to working with you! 🙂

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