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How About Neon?

Admit it. No matter how traditional or conventional you are, neon will always have a positive effect on you. That instant pop of color may be enough to bring a surge of bliss in you. Of course, I am not talking about loud, tacky, outrageous and hideous plastic neon outfits but rather just a hint of it. Think, neon green toe shoes, a small tangerine purse, hot pink stilettos and little black dress…

And since this year’s new year’s resolution is to add more color in my designs, here are a few ideas on how to add that pop of neon into your home without going overboard.


If you’re commitment-phobic like me or you’re living in a rental house/apartment and are not allowed to paint over those boring white walls, then adding neon artwork can make your living space a bit more interesting. Don’t go overboard by making your pillows too bright though. Still pick colorful ones but in deeper color shades. Love that yellow chair too!


Or paint your baseboard neon rather than an entire wall and then pair it with same color accessories to pull the look together. Simple and for commitment-phobics too.

Adding a pop of neon in a baroque style bedroom or living room is possible too. That neon green louis chair takes the room to a different level, from classic elegant to fashionably quirky! neon-curtain-trim

Teens, fret no more! Add posh and girly glam to your room by painting the bottom of your curtain apple green and hot pink.  Those gold cart and floor lamp made the space look sophisticated rather than childish.neon-shelves

Would you not love to cook and have breakfast in this cheery kitchen? It still feels homey despite the ultra modern look and layout of the kitchen.
neon-throwsIf you’re current living room is all taupe and beige, add more life to it by bringing in some hot pink throw pillows and colorful abstract artwork (you can even DIY the artwork).

What do you think? Would you incorporate neon in your home?

Check out some more inspirational photos in my Houzz Ideabook.

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