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How to upgrade the look of your furniture

I’ve been really busy for the last 5 days with this project me and my friends, Angel and Ate Daisy were working on, which is basically a stage re-design. We’re on a tight budget and the project involves new chairs, tables and accessories. I’m not here to talk about the project but rather share an idea on how to maximize your hard-earned money.

The challenge was to not spend over P2,000 per furniture piece. We needed 2 dining chairs, a single-seater sofa, a side table, a tall round coffee table and vases. Here are the chairs that we found.

Of course, we chose the cheaper one made of faux leather.

We got the seat for P200 less at Office Busters Makati

And this is how we made the 3 pieces look like they were bought as a set — thru a curtain on sale in SM! For P450 per panel, I wondered why such a great fabric was on sale. But when we removed the rings and prepared the fabric for upholstery, we realized that the front of the curtain was actually the wrong side. The true side was at the back! No wonder, it was on sale. It was a reject. So before buying curtains on sale, be sure to check for damages or defects like this. Good thing we only want the fabric. Good deal still.

And here’s how the chairs look like now.

I just thought the price text looks cute, just like from magazine. Heehee

By the way, when we saw the single seater sofa at the store, the upholstered bottom part of the seat was replaced with black formica which is a lot better because I originally intended to take the upholstery off and replace it with the same golden wenge formica board we used for the table.

The seat is removable so stapling the new fabric was super easy. We didn’t even took the leather upholstery off.

(The side table was fabricated by our carpenter which I will discuss in a different post.)

Small white pot, P79; Tall Terra cotta Jar, P599; Tall White Jar, P299; all from Uniwide Warehouse Novaliches.

Ate daisy helped me with the upholstery. The original plan was to re-upholster the entire chair to make it look similar to the other chair option (P2500 one)  but with better fabric choice. We started with the seat since it was the easiest (we didn’t even sew the edges, just wrapped the fabric onto the chair). When we were done with it and “semi-assembled” the chair just to see how it looked like (ok, I admit, we were just too excited), Ate Daisy suggested to leave the brown leather as is and do the same thing with the sofa. That way, the 3 seats would “customized”. And a brilliant idea it is!

The fabric matched perfectly with the dark faux leather and I hope it’s not just me, the chairs now look like they were worth 3x its price and not just a regular department store item.

And another shot so you could see my favorite fab find. This turquoise glass vase was only P79. There’s a similar one in SM for P575.

Even the cheap looking beige leather on this seat now looks quite expensive. And best part is, we only had to staple 3 seats! We finished all in less than 3 hours, even less if we hadn’t wasted time figuring out how to do the back rest. Thanks to Ate Daisy’s excellent idea!

See, with just a few simple steps, you can update your furniture look no matter where you got them. All you need is a little imagination and a bit of resourcefulness.

Just for fun, here’s the before and after picture:

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