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In dire need to accomplish something

Ok, it’s almost the end of October and I only have 3 posts so far. Really, this makes me sad. I’m so busy with work (and getting sick) and although work involves design and color, I can’t really consider it art since my only goal is to satisfy clients and not myself. So that makes me so sad, not being to create something for myself. I mean, I’ve got loads of ideas and the desire to create them is too hard to contain. And having so little time to do everything (and my body wouldn’t even cooperate to provide me with superhuman energy) is quite, if not totally, frustrating, I’m ready to implode anytime. Did it ever happen to you?

So here’s a list of things I need to accomplish before this year ends. They have to be done or else, I’ll shut down this blog. Kidding… 🙂

  1. Buy a sewing machine so I can…
  2. Sew my own curtains and cute throw pillow cases.
  3. Dress up our pendant lights in the dining area…
  4. and work area.
  5. Make my DIY drum shade for the living area.
  6. Finish the blank wall in the living area.
  7. Finish decorating our work place.
  8. Silk screen my throw pillows.
  9. Frame vintage Vogue pages.
  10. Add greens in the house.
  11. De-clutter living area.
  12. Organize our everyday shoes.
  13. Make our center table appealing.
  14. Fix the sofas.
  15. Place a low-maintenance (and cheap) rug in the living area.
  16. Organize hubby’s blueprint.
  17. Make a study desk for Bryce.
  18. Change the color scheme of our bedroom.
  19. Add artworks in the living/work area.
  20. Revamp my blog!

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