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My 10 Home Wish List

The house we’re living in right now is not ours, but rather just borrowed from my in-laws. It’s an old house, built around the 70s, I think, which wasn’t even designed by an architect or engineer. So basically, in terms of design, it was very poorly built. But like I’ve said before, who am I to complain. We have a house we can live in for free and so the best thing I can do is improve it little by little without breaking the bank.

(I’m currently having mini renovations done so I’ll be posting some updates by next week.)

Of course, we want a home we can call our own. But while it’s still in the far distant future, here’s a list of things I want for the house. (The husband doesn’t really care about the design as long as the cost is reasonable, which is no problem at all, given how cheap I am about everything. A disclaimer though: Although I’m cheap, I always have quality in mind. Because who wants to save a lot for now but will keep spending a fortune on repairs after a year or so due to low quality?

So here goes my list:

1. An east facing house. I want a house that gets a lot of natural light so I can have an all white, Scandinavian-inspired home.

797e1515a487c0ed07279233ae44492d 515350b999375c324704e2734cb7ea4b2. Since I now have a house that gets plenty of sunshine, I wish for a sunroom that serves as a workplace/studio/gym. This room has to have a garden view and really large windows.


3. A small, low maintenance garden. I have to be realistic here because I know I can never keep plants alive. But I want a lot of greens around the house. (Don’t laugh. I know this is barely a garden, but hey, I know this is something I can handle.)


5. A living room with huge windows which I can keep bare. This may sound weird, but I only want a small living area. The space should be given to the dining room and kitchen instead. Yeah, you’re getting an idea about me. I love to cook and eat and entertaining guests for me means spending time in the dining/kitchen area.

living room

6. A spacious, sunny kitchen with a farmhouse sink and a space where I can grow different potted herbs.


7. A wood or if budget allows, a quartz countertop in the kitchen. Quartz is more practical for me though as it is practically maintenance-free.


8. A bright and cheery breakfast nook.


9. An entry way with lots of storage space. Yep, that’s in my wish list. Almost all the houses here in the Philippines don’t have one. When you enter the front door, it’s usually the living room that greets you. The living room, for me, shouldn’t be the first thing people should see. They should have some sort of introduction, a welcome, like  book! 🙂 The living room should be private and cannot be easily seen from the outside.

entry way

10. Lastly, I want a house filled with salvaged furniture, pieces I designed, DIY stuff and other eclectic pieces.

reclaimed rustic

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