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No, I Haven’t Given Up Blogging Yet

coffee-loveWelcome back to  myself! I’m now on my 14th week of pregnancy and am officially done with the exhausting first trimester. Based on my 2-month long inactivity in the online world, you’ll know I’m not just exaggerating when I say I was drained of energy everyday. All I wanted to do was hibernate, even eating was too tiring.

And now, the second trimester seems to look promising. But if I wanted to be really productive all throughout the day, I found out that I need my morning fix of coffee. I’m not caffeine dependent like my husband and I can get by without having a cup. But since we don’t have household help right now, (and I prefer to keep it that way for as long as I can) I need some sort of stimulant to help me finish all the house chores, design works and help Bryce with his assignments.

My schedule is not usually that loaded but there are several projects lined up right now and I am in such a mood to organize, clean and decorate the house (my nesting instinct is already kicking in!)  So, I need another cup of coffee!

My OB-GYNE advises me to give up coffee during the entire pregnancy because caffeine causes low birth weight in infants. Have any of you continued drinking coffee during your pregnancy? I’d really like to know because I’m starting to feel guilty. 🙂

By the way, the coffee artwork is a free printable that I posted long, long time ago. You can download it here if you wish. 🙂

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