What Else Michelle - Part 61

Weekend Project: Framed Chalkboard

I’ve been seeing a lot of framed chalkboards all over the DIY blog network and I wanted one for my kitchen. The thing is, none here in Manila sells black chalkboards (which I can conveniently cut and put in a frame). National Bookstore sells only the fugly green school “blackboards”. I want an actual black chalkboard just like old fashioned coffee shops and delis, not the mossy green ones.

So for many months, I searched the net until a month ago I went with the hubby to Wilcon and lo and behold! They have chalkboard spray paint! It’s a little pricey though (P650.00) but I desperately want a black chalkboard. I have tons of other projects in line already so I didn’t think twice.


Weekend Fab Finds

Did I tell you that I recently started obsessing over the color Turquoise?

For the past years, my signature color was Yellowgreen/Lime because it kind of describes me well. It’s not a color that people usually use so it takes a bit more guts to use such loud, vibrant color (not the pale, muted tone of course.) I wanted something that screams. Something others would think twice on using so Lime was the perfect choice. But lately, I have been seeing a lot of yellow greens so  I think it is now time to move on.

Now, I want something cool, laid back, breezy, beach-like, light and bright like this picture of my son in Boracay. I was never a fan of blue but when mixed with green (old love from lime days),  it seems like we’re meant to be!

Since my color palette for redecorating our house includes Turquoise, I’m now in constant hunt for fabulous turquoise finds. Here’s what I’ve achieved during the weekend so far.

From left to right:

1.) Designer fabric (Sugar Pop by Liz Scott) for P150/yard from Market!Market!

2.) Stretch Fabric for P200/yard from Market!Market!

3.) Turquoise and yellowgreen placemat for P21.75 from Landmark Department Store.

4.) 1″ velvet ribbon for P26/yard; 1/2″ ribbon trim for P6/yard both from Carolina’s Megamall.

Here’s the close up of the stretch fabric. #inlove

I already have projects lined up for these babies and I can’t contain my excitement anymore. 🙂

Choosing a Color Scheme

Since we moved in to this house two and half years ago, I had endlessly contemplated on what color scheme to use. I initially wanted something bold and daring so we bought a couple of red sofa beds (with the thought that we’re going to move in to a much smaller space within the next 2 years).

Most of my design references came from Ikea since I’m a sucker for Scandinavian design. I love the simplicity of the furniture, the clean silhouettes, yet still making bold statement with proper accessories. I envisioned the house to look something like the image below but I  failed to consider that we need a huge amount of time AND resources to make such kind of furniture work with the house.

Why? I won’t post any pictures of the house yet but just to give you an idea… The house is a million miles away from being modern and clean looking. I don’t think there is a single straight line in this house. (You’ll see as I start to post home improvement projects.) As I said earlier, the time and resources are limited. It even includes moving out of the house for major renovation (which I never want to do again unless it’s the beach we’re talking about.) So right now, I’m kinda regret buying those sofa beds. They look out-of-place in this house.

What I need to do now is find a way to work with the house and not against it. Buying a new sofa is out of the question and certainly is demolishing the living room wall to create a bigger window. After much thoughts, research and reflection (about what my personality really is), I finally came up with this color palette. Turquoise, lemon yellow and taupe.

I’m so excited to start, I can barely organize my thoughts. Stay tune though!

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