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Toilet Gawker: Playa Laiya

The first time I went to Playa Laiya in San Juan, Batangas, I still haven’t started blogging and still haven’t discovered my unusual love for beautiful public toilets. But after doing our Kingdom Hall toilet, I became quite obsessed. On my second visit last Friday, I was happy to be at their toilet again and I appreciated it even more due to its clever green design.

I just love how natural light is utilized in this toilet. To let the light in and to save on electricity, frosted glass panels were installed and spaces were left between the walls, ceiling and even under the countertop.

This is the open space between the male and female toilet where light is gathered from. On the left is the male toilet where you can also see the frosted glass panels. I guess the inside looks just the same as ours.

I am so in love with the slanted sinks. Aside from keeping up with the clean line design of the toilet, it is also economical since you don’t have to buy lots of ceramic lavatory.

Of course, who doesn’t love those yarn balls?

For added ventilation, light and a touch of outdoors, part of the walls are kept open. Notice the cubicle doors decorated with mosaic made from bao ng niyog (coconut husk.) I wonder if the squares can be bought. I would love to have them on one of my walls as an artwork. I don’t think I have the patience to DIY it though.

Here’s the close-up shot.

Here’s the vanity area. The right side is where the toilets are and on the left are the shower stalls which I forgot to shoot. I will when we go back to Laiya.

Finally, the entrance.

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