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Reader’s Project: DIY Paper Light Shade

I am so happy to know that there are readers who got inspired by my 25 DIY-able Paper Light Shades post and even happier to receive an email from someone who actually tried doing one of the shades. Roxanne gave No.11 a try and ended up with an unexpected result. And yes, she glued each strip one by one. I wish I had her patience. 🙂

june 2012 - january 2013 859

I had a go at making one of the lampshades..No.11.
After purchasing a paper lampshade, I stuck on individual strips of paper which I had pre-cut from A4 printer paper (about 30 sheets), carefully gluing along the wired spiral line of the paper lamp using PVA glue.
Well, halfway through the process, I realised I had made the mistake of holding the lamp the wrong way up when I started, but I decided to finish it off to see how it would turn out.

june 2012 - january 2013 874

It took between 4 – 6 hours (that included 2 snack breaks and a couple of girly phone chats) to complete the whole thing.
Well, it looked just like the one in the picture you put up for No.11,that is when it was held upside down, but when I turned it over so that the lamp was the right way up and could be fitted properly with a light bulb. The result was really unexpected…GORGEOUS!!! (even if I DO say so myself!)

june 2012 - january 2013 871

Remember, your paper lantern will have a large aperture and a smaller one. The larger one should end up at the top.
The moral of this tale? If you find you’ve made a mistake, dont give up, just keep going because some mistakes can turn out to be better than the original.
Unexpected, indeed! Reminds me of a sea urchin and a pineapple. I think it would also look great for parties with strips in different colors and hung in groups. Now I want to make my own version of this, a smaller one though so I’d finish quickly. Haha! Thanks for sharing, Roxanne.
If you’ve have your own version of paper light shades, please share it with us. 🙂

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