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Recycle Day/1

Peanutbutter lovers, don’t throw those empty containers just yet. Buy a bunch of yarns and hand them over to your kids so they’ll have something better to do during the rainy weekends.

I have a box of empty containers waiting to be recycled/upcycled and a messy collection of ribbons and yarns (given by mom years ago when I thought I’d try my hand on crocheting. Fail!) So what to do? Yarn wrap them all! Let’s start with Peter Pan…

What you need:

  • Empty containers
  • Yarns, thick or thin
  • White glue
  • Scissors


It took me about 45 minutes to finish. A bit time consuming, but surprisingly quite relaxing. Next time we go to the beach, I’ll do this while getting my tan. It’s a great kid’s craft too, just buy the thick yarn so they can finish quickly.

Individually wrapped candies are perfect content for this.

Now, whom shall I give this to?

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