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Shopping Guide: Ultra Affordable Decors For Your Home

I am not the kind of girl who is into fashion accessories, probably because (1) I hate having too much stuff on me. (2) I’m reckless. By the end of the day, I’d probably just have half of what I had earlier in the day because I either lost the other half or damaged it along the way. (3) I’m just not comfortable wearing things other than clothes (top, bottom and undies). I can’t even keep my wedding ring on for an entire day! And (4) I don’t think accessories are worth spending for. Yes, I’m that cheap!

So when it comes to home accessories, I kinda feel exactly the same way but having No. 4 as the main reason followed by No.2. Anything more than P1,000 is considered expensive to me that’s why I’m resorting to DIY. But I love vases and decors and lamps and beautiful rugs. I want to have my shelves properly styled and I know I need stuff. That’s why I am so glad when a friend told me about Uniwide Warehouse along Quirino Avenue.

The first time I visited the place, I felt like I was in shopping heaven. There was a lot of beautiful vases, similar to what can be seen in malls but way, way cheaper. I’m not talking about 50% cheaper but rather just a quarter of the mall price, even lower! If you have a thousand bucks to spare, it is possible to have a cartful of stuff.

Here are some proofs:


Table lamps for P599! There are smaller lamps for P99. Personally, I don’t like the current designs but with some spray paint, fabric and ribbon trims, these lamps can be oh so awesome. Such a DIYer’s delight!marbles

These porcelain marbles cost more than P100 in malls but you can get these balls for much, much less!marbles2

See? These can be good for DIY projects as well.pitcher

I am so in love with these ceramic pitchers! Use them as vases or group them together to adorn your kitchen cabinets.


Of course, this is what I bought, the cheaper ones. Hehehe!plates1

If you’re holding a gathering and want some nice, colorful serving plates, here are your cheaper options.plates2

Love that black one in the middle!

Plum vases for P599 and P199. Where else can you get them that cheap?


Sale and more sale! Gotta have these vases because 2013 Pantone color pick is emerald! 🙂vases3

I bought that white ceramic fruit bowl for my sis-in-law’s condo but placed it near the kitchen sink instead to hide the dish washing liquid and sponges. 🙂wine-glassesOh, and if you’re having a diy wedding or just organizing a posh party, here’s where you can buy really cheap wine glasses for P39 each!

stoolSorry for the blurry photo, but I know you’re familiar with this chinese porcelain garden stool. The cheapest I found here in Manila was P3,000, the most expensive was P7-8k, I think. Guess how much this is in Uniwide? P700! I should have bought the turquoise or yellow one when saw it. They were gone when I went back they other colors were still available. Lesson: When you see something that you really like, go grab it quick! Don’t think twice because they accept credit cards. Haha! But seriously, I doubt you’d find anything cheaper than what they have.

By the way, I must warn you that this is literally a warehouse, not a mall. So expect your hands to be all gray after you finished shopping. Everything is dusty but in good condition. Some vases may have a slight chip here or a tiny discoloration there, but hey, no one is going to scrutinize your pieces once they are up on your shelves. 🙂 If you’ve got dust allergy like me, take your antihistamine before entering the store. 🙂

Uniwide Warehouse Club, 840 Quirino Highway, Gulod, Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines Phone: +63(2)9394673

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  1. avatar
    Mrs. Panda
    February 19, 2013 at 4:02 pm (5 years ago)

    oooh!!! i was able to score some glass teapots last christmas at P18.00 and i saw them at gourdos for 800bucks!

    • avatar
      February 20, 2013 at 3:02 pm (5 years ago)

      Wow! I should be checking out that place more often. It’s treasure hunting whenever I’m there. Cheers to cheap finds!:)

  2. avatar
    August 10, 2013 at 7:46 pm (5 years ago)

    Can you recommend stores in Makati to buy cheap area rug for living room?

  3. avatar
    October 4, 2013 at 2:14 pm (4 years ago)

    Hello! I read somewhere that they are about to close down. But some says it’s still open. Any updates if there’s still Uniwide Warehouses? Specifically in Quirino Ave. Thanks.

  4. avatar
    October 17, 2013 at 2:58 pm (4 years ago)

    Is this Uniwide Warehouse still open until now? What is it’s complete address please? Thank you

  5. avatar
    February 15, 2015 at 12:07 pm (3 years ago)

    It’s sad to know that the best place to shop is now closed.

  6. avatar
    jefferson faudan
    March 24, 2016 at 7:10 am (2 years ago)

    dang it!!! i needed a lot of those for the home… i’m actually looking for a floor stand vase/jar… i need to look around


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