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Sneak Peek #1: Bryce’s Bedroom

Just for fun, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek to one of our bedrooms (there’s only 2 anyway) with no styling involved, no editing, just plain normal day.

We had our second floor renovated last November 2011 and I really regret not taking photos. I didn’t know I would be blogging about our house that time.

To give you an idea on how bad this room looks like before, take a look at our living area again. This room had the same small screened window, smaller to be exact. The built-in cabinet was on the left side and there was a huge horizontal window on the right wall with fixed glass! Reminded me of hospitals. And there was this annoying, rotting, old house stench that wouldn’t go away no matter how many times we clean and disinfect this room. For more than a year, we didn’t use this room except during summer when my little sis stays here for a vacation.

See how messy this room gets when Bryce is playing. Good thing he can clean it up himself.

What was involved during renovation?

  • Replacement of ceiling for both bedrooms. The ceiling of this bedroom was decaying so badly, live maggots were falling on the bed one time. I swear this is true! There were probably dead rats up there. Imagine what the poor carpenters who worked on our house had to go through…
  • The wall dividing our rooms had to be demolished too. The built-in cabinets were on that wall and I wanted them transferred on the wall next to the door.
  • Floors were sanded and painted.
  • The pathetic small windows were removed and bigger windows were installed.
  • New outlets were installed. There was only one outlet per room before.
  • Of course, the walls were painted.

Why the color scheme?

This is a boy’s room but I want to stay away from the primary colors (red, blue, yellow). I don’t want it to look like a pre-school classroom. I know I want the color scheme to be complimentary, blue and orange but which shade of blue and orange to be exact. Like I said, no primary colors so blue-green and orange (tertiary and secondary colors). It took me quite some time to find the exact shade of blue green though, flipping endlessly through Wilcon’s paint catalogue. Boysen Virtuoso has the widest range of colors. Good thing, my husband was working on some Chic-Boy branches during that time and this Virtuoso was the paint he used. If it weren’t for Chic-Boy I don’t think he would recommend this brand, given the price and how cheap budget-conscious he is. Luck me! Okay, I don’t know if you understood a thing that I said but now you know how I think. Hehe!

Wall Paint Color: Apatite (Boysen Virtuoso); Cabinet and Bed Paint: Mixed the orange myself.

I am not being paid by Boysen but I just love Virtuoso. It’s a bit pricey though (P1,700-2,000/gallon) but it’s totally worth it. The finish is satin, so it’s not flat (which is elagant but easily gets dirty and super hard to clean) or glossy (cheap-looking but easy to clean). It’s just perfect, matte yet easy to clean, just wipe the dirt off with damp cloth. And the color is just vibrant! Love!

I still don’t consider this room done. If you notice, there are no detail shot, because there’s really none. Well, there will be soon.

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    July 8, 2014 at 7:14 pm (4 years ago)

    Hi Michelle! I googled “where to buy cloth in Manila” and I saw your blog. Wow. I just want to be you someday. I love rearranging the bed in my room and I try to find quirky finds (or Mom’s decor in the living room) to add design in my room. I love your blog and I’ll keep on checking it. Teehee. I would love to read a blog on how you started being an interior designer. Did you study or did it start as a hobby? Btw, congratulations on your second baby! 🙂 – Daniela


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